Best Plumbers in Victoria BC

Who are the best plumbers in Victoria BC? It’s a common question many people from Victoria ask.

That’s the reason why you are here after all!

Well, we hope to give you a list of the best three plumbing companies in the city so you can solve your plumbing problems!

Best Plumbers In Victoria BC

I was playing squash last night with a friend who just raced from one of his rental properties. The water tank blew!

So of course it needed to be fixed as he had people renting the home off him.

Like many homeowners, he has basic plumbing Victoria BC knowledge. He needed to call upon a Victoria plumber fast.

Who did he call?

GoodSense Plumbing Victoria BC   Furnaces   Drain Cleaning   Hot Water Tanks   250 213 8700   Plumbing  Heating and Drain Cleaning Services   Victoria BC


GoodSense plumbing offers 24 hour emergency services throughout the city on water tanks, drain cleaning and more.

Goodsense Plumbing & Drain Cleaning

202 Crease Ave

Victoria, BC



They also offer their services for new homeowners wanting to setup an efficient plumbing for their home. Read their reviews on Google +.

Miles Plumbing

Miles Plumbing has been voted the best plumbers in the city by Victoria News. Like GoodSense they also offer a wide range of services to help you.

Read their reviews on Google + to see what others have to say about their service.

Wade Roberts Plumbing

Although Wade Roberts Plumbing doesn’t offer the same services GoodSense and Miles do, they offer the basics like emergency and drain cleaning.

Read their reviews on Google +.

Outside of these companies and Bridgeman Plumbing, no other companies have a solid amount of reviews to gauge an opinion on who are the best plumbers in Victoria BC.

But those reviews should be enough for you determine. I’ve always said that plumbers wouldn’t be in business very long if they were bad at what they did and ripped people off. It would be to easy for word to travel around a small city lie Victoria for people not to find out.


Best Painting Companies in Victoria BC

You are here because you realize that trying to paint your home all by yourself is a hassle. Professional painters are just that, professionals. This is they livelihood afterall.

Some of the benefits you receive when you do hire a painting Victoria BC company are:

Time Saver

Doing it yourself is going to take a lot more time. From taping the edges to buying equipment, it’s not worth it. A professional painter can paint a house about 70% faster then you can on your own.

No Hassles

Depending on how much painting needs to be done, it could be a big hassle. Since you want to do a good job, you’re going to be slow and it’s going to take you more time. More time means more hassle. One of the biggest hassles leads us to our next benefit of hiring the best paining company in Victoria BC.


Unless you have done this before, you are going to have no equipment to paint with. This means you are going to have to research and find out what is required. There is a lot of stuff that you will need. In the end the equipment alone is going to cost a lot. And what’s the point of buying all that equipment for painting your house once? A house painter in Victoria already has the necessary equipment to get your job done with no hassles and in far less time.

So who are the best painting companies in Victoria BC?

By looking at the Better Business Bureau, Google and Yelp reviews, here are the best:



Paintworks specializes in repainting projects from exterior to interiors for residential and commercial projects.

Moloney Painting



Moloney Painting has been a painter in Victoria BC since 1999. They do commercial and residential jobs for both interiors and exteriors.

White Knight Painting

Painters in Victoria BC




White Knight has been painting homes in Victoria BC for 15 years now


Best Victoria BC Modern Furniture Stores

Victoria BC Furniture Stores

Victoria BC Modern Furniture Stores

At some point or another you’re going to need to get new furniture. I was in need a few months back. My old couch was past it’s prime and since I was moving, I decided to buy new furniture.

I am a modern and contemporary guy. So the question was, what Victoria BC modern furniture store do I go to to find that piece your looking for? It really comes down to style.

A few places you can go to for modern and contemporary furniture in Victoria BC are:


Victoria BC Furniture Stores

They’re located on Herald St where Urban Barn was located for years. They carry some great brands including Calligaris and Canadian brand EQ3.

Parc Modern

Parc Modern Victoria BC

Parc Modern is consistently having sales and you can always find a good deal on that piece of furniture you need.

Gabriel Ross

Gabriel Ross Victoria BC


Gabriel Ross carries close to 40 brands so you have great selection to choose from.

There are many different modern furniture stores in Victoria. It can be overwhelming. Thanks to the internet, you can do a search and find out the best ones. Viewing each studios selection of furniture is really easy. But shopping online for furniture doesn’t beat walking into an actual storefront to see and touch the pieces.

You’ll also be able to get sound advice from the salesman in regards to each brand. Any thing they will be able to do is show you how to certain pieces change and extend. Many dining tables and sofas extend and change configuration. A salesman can show you how to do that. This is why buying furniture online can be a downfall. You also are not able to see what colours and fabrics your piece is available in.

All modern furniture stores in Victoria BC will have swatches of colours and fabrics for you choose from. The floor models are just there to give you an idea of what the style is. From there a salesman will walk you through choosing the right color and fabric based on your preference and lifestyle.

What is the best Window Treatment Store in Victoria BC?

Spring is here and along with a lot of rain, we’ve gotten a fair bit of sun. That means people are more active then ever.

But it also means the sun has been beaming into my home for the last few weeks. I just started working from home and the room where my computer desk is in faces the sun from the early afternoon until dusk. It’s a pain the butt to try and see my computer though.

I’m not complaining that sun is here. Trust me, vitamin D is great.

It’s the fact that the sun glares into my home affecting the work I need to do.

I tried a few different things like drapes and blinds. But I still wanted to be able to see outside and not totally be blocked out.

A few months back I remember hearing about glare resistant motorized blinds in Victoria. I thought that might be a nice option. You’ve probably seen them at restaurants like the Brentwood Bay lodge. Places like that need those blinds as they face the sun and it can get hard to see when the sun is shining all day.

I contacted the folks at the Brentwood Bay lodge and asked who sold and installed their blinds. They said it was Rodco Interiors.

Within a few days I had heard back from the people at Rodco and started talking about options for my home and keeping the sun out. Although they had plenty of window treatments,  I ended up buying then glare resistant blinds I liked.

So far they are working great. Now I can see my laptop screen during the day and watch tv without having the sun glare of either.

So if you have the same issue, contact Roger and Field at Rodco Interiors.

Best Countertop Store Victoria BC

Last year my best friends went through a massive renovation. They live in Saanich so the house was from the last 60’s. I lived there for a while back in 2006. It needed a reno back then bad.

But they only would have had the money to do about 35% of what they wanted. Instead they waited until last year when the time was right financially.

It was smart move. Their home looks like a million dollar dream home inside.

New hardwood floors, mouldings, and a brand new kitchen are some of the highlights. Especially the kitchen and the granite countertops they bought from Abstract Stone.

Abstract offers marble, quartz and granite. My friends choose a really nice black granite. They weren’t sure about this decision in the beginning because of how blemishes might show if they don’t care for them. But Brendan Carson the owner was very helpful and educated them on how to properly care and get the most out of their countertops.

I was just over there last weekend for a get together. I always marvel at what a fantastic job Brendan did cutting and fabricating their countertops. My friends are tough to please and they’re happy with how they turned out as they had some custom cuts and fabrication requirements.

But their needs were exceeded.

So if you’re looking for countertops in Victoria, check out Brendan at Abstract Stone on Glanford.

Who Is The Best Realtor In Victoria?

A few years back I was helping a friend trying to sell his home. He had bought back in 2002 and his home in Langford almost tripled on price.

He was well ahead of the curve buying out in Langford. I for one never saw that place grow like it did. I lived out there in 2000 and thought it was too dead. Boy was I wrong!

But my friend knew what he was doing. He saw that if the Greater Victoria area was going to grow, it could only grow north. Central Saanich has little in the way development and thus it’s not a very busy place.

The Westshore on the other hand was starting to grow and had plenty of land to be developed. Combine that with lots of big box retailers and the Westhore is booming.

Can you tell I’m bitter I didn’t buy at the time he did?

None the less he felt it was time to get out and that housing prices weren’t going to rise much of the next few years. So he’s going to buy land in the Mill Bay area in hopes of making a really large profit in 20 years.

However he was stuck in choosing a Victoria realtor. He’s lived in Victoria his whole life so he knows over 20 realtors. But he felt like finding someone he didn’t know.

So he asked for my help. I have the same issue. I know plenty of realtors. But we wanted  to look for someone new.

I suggested an old golfing friend of mine from back in my days as an assistant golf professional and Victoria Golf Club. Todd has always been great with people and even though he came from the golf world, he knows a lot about real estate.

My friend met with Todd once and was sold right away. He enjoyed how comforting, well connected and knowledgeable Todd was. This helped as him home sold in a matter of weeks. Mostly thanks to his large connection.

So if you’re looking for a realtor in Victoria, give Todd Mahovlich a call.

Victoria BC Closet Organizers

If you’re like me, you hate walking into a closet with clothes scattered everywhere. It really bothers me. Especially when I can’t find a certain clothing piece or pair of shoes. Either because they’re misplaced or simply in a different closet because your bedroom one is so small.

Wouldn’t be nice to have all of your clothes nicely organized in one closet? Of course it would!

But no matter how long you spend on Pinterest or Google Images looking for ideas, there still comes the problem of actually creating that organized closet you desire. Do it yourselfer or not, sometimes it’s best to leave things to a closet organizing company.

I personally hire a professional whenever I can because I don’t like putting things together. I’d rather spend the money and not get stressed about putting something together.

So if you’re like me then you should give Mirage Closets a call. They specialize in custom designs for not only closets but pantries, offices and garages. They also know the home improvement industry as they are a division of Mirage Homes.

Best Residential Electricians in Victoria

Are your searching for the best residential electricians in Victoria BC? You have come to teh right place as we will list who we believe the best is.

Our last post was on the best lighting stores in Victoria. Many people building a new house or doing renovations should consider them if they’re budget conscious. You can alway shop at those places as they do sell to the public.

No matter what though, you still need a Victoria electrician to install them and hook up your wiring.

This post will help you determine who the best residential electricians in Victoria are. It’s based off my experience working at Wesco which is an electrical wholesaler.

best Victoria BC electricians

Jaycox Industries was one of those electrical contractors who I dealt with at Wesco. Milton is the owner and was previously working for another contractor in town but decided he wanted to start his own company.

And here he is today. Jaycox Industries provides residential services for those needing:

  • Installing receptacles in exterior walls
  • installing receptacles in soffits
  • Installing interior receptacles
  • Upgrading range feeders for modern kitchens
  • Upgrading to tamper resistant receptacles
  • Reducing shock and arc dangers with GFCI Plugs and Arc Fault breakers
  • Making Knob and Tube Wiring safe
  • Installing Range hoods
  • Replacing exhaust fans
  • Replacing Fixtures
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades
  • Landscape lighting and architectural lighting
  • Landscape Receptacles
  • Wiring outbuildings and shops
  • Wiring residential renovations
  • Full electrical installations for new houses
  • Full electrical installations for commercial spaces
  • Trouble shooting and electrical problems and idiosyncrasies
  • Trouble shooting and repairing heating and cooling systems
  • Inspecting wiring and device installations
  • Service Upgrades
  • Panel upgrades
  • Rental suite feeders and panel installations
  • Data cabling and terminations

You name it and then do it. So if you are looking for the best residential electricians in Victoria BC, you can contact them below.

Jaycox Industries
2953 Shakespeare St
Victoria BC, V8R 4H5

Best Lighting Stores In Victoria

Many people allow their electricians to buy their lighting products.

This can be a costly mistake. Many electricians markup any materials they buy anywhere from 15-50%!

Often times you can buy those very same materials for almost the same as they are charged. All you have to do is visit these fine lighting stores.


Not many people know about Wesco. They are a lighting and electrical wholesaler buy they do sale to the public. If you’re looking for pot lights, track lighting or any other lighting for your home, Wesco can get anything you want from brands like Cooper Lighting, Juno Lighting, and Philips Lightolier.

For a full range of light products Wesco carries, please visit WescoDirect.ca or contact Jordan Caron at the Victoria branch by email or telephone at 250-382-7265.

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Albrite Lighting

Albrite sales all types of lighting accessories and lamps. Most of the lamps they stock are for various residential lighting fixtures. They do have a $25 minimum charge for those customers who do not have an account.

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McLaren Lighting

McLaren has far more residential lighting fixtures than Alrbite. However they don’t stock many bulbs and lamps.

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Illuminations is much like McLaren as they tend to stock a lot of fixtures.

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