Best Counselling in Victoria BC

At times life’s frustrations and problems can feel so overwhelming despite our best efforts to resolve them. You’re tired of feeling this way and know there’s a better, brighter life possible yet we simply lack the insight to resolve these problems. Now might be the right time to enlist the aid of an experienced, compassionate therapist to overcome any challenges you might be trying to deal with.

When you meet the right therapist in Victoria BC they will be your ally in getting the life you deserve knowing

  • You feel safe and at ease in their calm and accepting space
  • Help you see the bigger picture and how to take effective action in improving your life
  • You will see yourself as a more competent person and capable of living well
  • Show you effective ways to help you work through complex issues with happier outcomes
  • Assist you to feel a sense of relief and build resources to use in the future

Once you decide to enter counselling it can be helpful to be aware of the direction the therapy is taking, a map of sorts. Counselling theories that focus on the bigger picture and the tangible details surrounding your problems allow you to gauge your progress and include the following:

Response Based Practice will help you feel understood and more at ease gaining insights into the way you responded to difficult experiences in the past. This approach to counselling provides a deeper understanding of your behaviors and emotions in these situations.

Solution Focused Therapy can help you shift your focus away from the narrow scope of the problem and instead towards real sustainable solutions. The ways you already work through problems is encouraged using your existing strengths and abilities instead of focusing on learning new ways.

Narrative Therapy is about the way we try to make sense of our experiences by telling stories, These stories can be uplifting and encouraging or depressing and discouraging depending how you tell the stories. A narrative approach to counselling helps you downplay the stories that are holding you back and focus on the ones that help you feel better about yourself.

For those who have experienced trauma and abuse in their past, those who suffer from anxiety or want to learn to love your body find counselling can be very beneficial. Couples wanting to build a more loving relationship can also find couples counselling helpful.

For the best counselling in Victoria BC contact Heart and Oak Therapy and schedule your free consultation.

Heart & Oak Therapy
2886 Colquitz Ave
Victoria, BC
V9A – 2M1

Best Victoria BC Dispensary

Do you suffer from chronic pain, epilepsy or are you doing your best to get through cancer treatments? It’s not a secret anymore that medical marijuana can ease the symptoms of all types of ailments, but where does a person start? The world of medical marijuana can be so confusing, because there is so much grey area, what’s legal and what isn’t? More importantly what’s a quality product and what isn’t? And where does a person find it?

At Farmacy we can help you with the whole process, starting with an online appointment with a healthcare professional, obtaining a MMPR card and lastly supplying quality medical marijuana products in a legal and safe manner. We’ve worked out all the kinks in the process and have a system that works really well for our patients. It’s for this reason, we are considered the best Victoria BC Dispensary.

You may have heard the news recently, about the large corporation Loblaws beginning the steps to becoming a medical marijuana dispensary. But the medical marijuana industry is not the place for large pharmaceutical corporations, it’s an alternative modality that needs to remain connected to it’s patients. The best dispensary in Victoria will build relationships with their patients by supplying an effective, safe product.

In today’s world safety couldn’t be more important. We at Farmacy pride ourselves on great product from growers that are experts in their craft, with many years experience. Medical marijuana has been around a lot longer than most people realize and it’s because of it’s effectiveness in providing relief to so many people that it has grown in popularity. We’ve been working with growers who have a proven track record over the years. We know exactly what goes into our products and guarantee it’s healthy and safe.

Our online format is the main reason we have become the best dispensary in Victoria. Our attentiveness to our patients allows anyone to complete the whole process from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

3055A Scott St
Victoria BC
V8R 4J9

Best Victoria BC Eyelash Extension Studio

Eyelash extension are relatively new to Canada so it’s important to do your research and know you’re getting an experienced eyelash artist. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for a student with this type of procedure. But how do you find the best eyelash studio in Victoria? Simple, talk to your girlfriends and they’ll quickly refer you to us.

At Studio Kanti we have years of experience and focus solely eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading In Victoria BC. Because we only do these two procedures we don’t spend time learning other procedures and have gained the necessary experience to call ourselves experts in eyelash extensions.

If you’re going to shop around for the best Victoria eyelash extension studio you’ll want to have some information ahead of time. Some of the questions to ask are: What type of glue is used? Anything containing formaldehyde should be avoided. How long does procedure take? It should take about 2 hours, any large variance from that would be a red flag. The procedure takes time to look realistic, but too much time you might be dealing with an amateur. How long do they last? Typically 6-8 weeks, but it varies from person to person. If you’re told they last more than 6-8 weeks you’re being sold a lie. Is it painful? With an experienced technician you shouldn’t experience any pain. However in rare cases people are allergic to the adhesive- so if you experience any burning or watery eye, you may be allergic. Lastly, make sure they are certified.

Do you want the lovely long lashes you see in the movies, everyday when you wake up in the morning without having to daily makeup application? Beautiful doe eyes are easy and affordable for anyone. Imagine waking up in the morning with eyelashes like Adele!

Give us a call or visit our website or facebook page for photos and reviews that prove we are the best eyelash extension studio in Victoria!

Studio Kanti
1071 Fort St
Victoria BC
V8V 5A1

What’s The Best Hot Yoga Studio In Victoria

Self care is becoming increasingly important for those who lead fast paced, stressful lives and those wanting to improve their overall health.Yoga has rapidly become one of the leading ways people of all ages are choosing to achieve this. This may lead you to search for the best hot yoga studio in Victoria. Here’s a list on what to look for and why you’ll find The Yoga Loft.

Classes that fit your schedule. Yoga classes may be offered at your gym but you want something that fits your schedule. At the Yoga Loft we have classes that work with your life from morning classes right through the evening every day.

Teachers. Our teachers come from many walks of life and often discovered the benefits of yoga as a result of injury or illness themselves. Others have seen it as a part of a healthy lifestyle each with their personal reasons have decided to become teachers.

Why choose. We offer regular and hot yoga classes – hot yoga is not recommended for younger children especially. Our schedule offers both and you’ll find classes for beginners as well.

Childcare services. You’ll enjoy peace of mind as your child has games, puzzles and books to read and our childcare ladies will be fully engaged with your child. Our child care room receives a thorough cleaning weekly note that childcare is not available at all times.

Option, options. Yoga Loft offers you lots of choices whether it’s a drop in or you might want to take advantage of our one month for $39 intro which includes mat and towel rental. Monthly, 3 month and annual memberships are available to choose from check out our website for more information.

The benefits of yoga are many if you’re searching for a way of reducing your stress and increasing your energy. It’s ability to improve spinal flexibility and a person’s health has long been recognized. The aerobic workout aids in expanding lung capacity and strengthening your heart, isn’t it time you tried yoga?

Yoga Loft

Unit 201 – 2657 Wilfert Rd.
Colwood, BC
V9B 5Z3

Who is the Chinese Deep Tissue Massage Therapist in Victoria, BC?

Whether if you want to release the tensions in your sore muscles or simply relax and feel at ease, Gracie Ang, a Chinese deep tissue massage therapist in Victoria, can perform Tui Na massage to alleviate the pain in your joints, back, muscles, to minimize stress and relieve work and sports-related conditions. Apart from treating musculoskeletal aches and pains, Tui Na massage also encourages overall health of the endocrine system, bodily organs, and Qi or energy flow.

Tui Na is a traditional Chinese deep tissue massage and is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, altogether with Qi Gong, Cupping, Chinese Herbs, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, and Acupressure.

What to expect during a Tui Na Massage Session?

Tui Na is done with your clothes on. You will be asked to sit on a chair or to lie on a sofa. Tui Na is a form of medical treatment and the same with all TCM modalities, doing case history and diagnosis is performed before the procedure. The massage is normally performed using soft to firm pressure with the use of the fingers, thumbs, palms, and elbows, also added are various stretching techniques. This type of massage may even be more dynamic compared to another type of massage. The same with the other massage therapies, you may feel sore, boosted or dizzy after the session; however, most patients always feel good after the therapy. For a more personalized therapy, herbal compresses, cupping, and ointments may be used.

Tui Na is used to treat the following conditions, acute or chronic:

· Fatigue and Stress
· Insomnia
· Headaches, Migraine
· Shoulder, Neck pain
· Back pain, Sciatica
· Sprains and Bruises
· Sports Injuries
· Rheumatism, Arthritis
· Repetitive Strain Injury
· Cold Hands and/or Feet
· Digestive Disorders

Occasionally, Tui Na massage is also performed for relaxation purposes only.
So if you would like to inquire or book an appointment to experience this soothing Victoria massage therapy, don’t hesitate to contact her below.

Gracie Ang Tui Na Chinese Deep Tissue Massage

928 Ellery St

(250) 385-7317


Best Bike Shop In Victoria BC

I’ve been wanting to get a road bike for a few years now. Last month I had enough after listening to a close friend go on and on about how addicting it was and how great of shape he was in.

I only balked because of the cost of a buying a high end road bike. But you can’t put a price on your health right?!

So my friend recommended I go see the staff down at Russ Hays. We did earlier in the month and I had an intial chat with Marty who I believe is the owner. Anyways, I was going to buy that day and was there to just get an idea of the costs. It’s not just the bike as you need pedals, shoes, clothing, a pump and other things.

During this initial meet Marty was great to deal with. He educated me a fair bit on what kind of bikes and price points I could get into. I never once felt pressured or like I was being talked into something out of my price range.

A few weeks later I asked my friend to see if Marty had any used bikes in the shop as I was ready to buy but still worried about the costs. There wasn’t anything used but he mentioned there was a nice Giant bike on sale and was a very good deal.

So I went down and checked it out the next day. There was another bike at a cheaper price point but Aaron (Marty was busy) said the Giant was a far better deal as it was a very good composite frame that I could ride for years. I’d only need to purchase components if I needed to.

I ended up going with the Giant and glad I did. The bike was been a treat to ride the first few weeks. I had an issue with the front wheel rubbing the brake a couple of days ago. I called Aaron and he said bring it and they’d fix it up. The next day I went down and they fixed it up free on charge.

Overall, Marty and Aaron were awesome to deal with and they get sales and that sales is all about relationships. Cycling is a hobby which requires purchases after the intial bike purchase and I’ll be dealing with Russ Hays exclusively. I can’t say for sure they are the best bike shop in Victoria BC but I can say you won’t have any issues if you buy from them.

Bike Shop Victoria BC   Russ Hays

650 Hillside AVE

Best Senior Homes In Victoria BC

Are you looking for the best senior homes in Victoria BC? You have come to the right place as we’ll list three homes which we think are the best.

You should be able to feel at home wherever you live, and this shouldn’t change even when you move into one of the senior homes that are located in Victoria. Moving into a new residence where you may have your food and activities planned for you and where you’ll be around the same people every day can sound like a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking for a senior home for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll make a good decision by going with one of the best seniors homes in Victoria BC. Here’s who we think you should consider.

St Charles Manor

If you’re looking for a social place in a charming part of Greater Victoria, this could be the senior home for you. Located in Oak Bay, it has 53 suites and offers a sense of luxury to its residents.

St Charles Manor

1006 St. Charles Street

Victoria, BC

V8S 3P6


Clover Point Care

How would you like to live even closer to the ocean, in a smaller but comparably elegant home? This one offers luxury in the form of 14 cottage-like suites for residents to call their own. It’s located in Fairfield, close to Dallas Road.

Clover Point Care

90 Linden Avenue,

Victoria, BC

V8V 4C9


Craigdarroch Care Home

This is the place to be if you’d like to live close to some of the most interesting historical sites that Victoria has to offer: the Craigdarroch Castle and the Government House. When you’re living in one of the best senior homes in Victoria BC, like this 18 suite one that is also in Fairfield, you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up bored or in an unpleasant place.

Craigdarroch Care Home

1048 Craigdarroch Rd

Victoria, BC

V8S 2A4



Best Message Therapists in Victoria BC

When there are so many registered Victoria massage therapists working in this city, it can be hard to find one that stands out and can really go beyond your expectations. We want to help you out, so here is who we think are the best RMTs in Victoria.

Sheena Badr

Sheena is a graduate of and current clinical supervisor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and at her general practice she has successfully treated various conditions such as plantar fascitis, tmj pain, whiplash, and postural dysfunction. Her client base has included expectant mothers, athletes, and chidren, and she uses a range of techniques from trigger point therapy to myofascial release to deep tissue massage.

Kelsey Matichuk

Kelsey recognizes the importance of assessing the underlying issues that bring his clients to massage therapy, and he believes homecare and patient education are vital. An instructor and clinic supervisor at the massage therapy college here in Victoria, he knows the value of continuing with his education in order to better understand how human bodies work. Techniques he use include muscle energy, soft tissue release, and joint mobilizations.

Colleen Pritchard

Since 2006, Colleen has treated pre and post natal women, elite athletes, people with strain injuries, post-surgery clients, and more. A belief that guides her practice is that active lifestyles are key to an overall healthy well-being. She is an avid traveller and a mom, and she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports.

Eric Purves

A member of the executive of the RMTBC’s pain management professional practice group, one of Eric’s key areas of interest in massage therapy is chronic pain management and treatment. Currently he is studying with UBC in rehabilitation studies while working for Achieve Health, which he is the co-owner of along with Dr. Richard McIlmoyle. He graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria and keeps an active lifestyle by playing soccer, cycling, and running.

Steve Roland

Steve has a unique skillset as he has completed training in Pregnancy Massage, Joint Mobilization for the Spine, and Thai Massage for the Table. Continuing professional development is important to him. He uses assisted isolated stretching, remedial exercise, relaxation massage, and deep tissue work in his treatments, among other techniques. He is an avid long distant ocean canoer, too, and also enjoys the outdoors and travelling. He works as a clinical supervisor at Victoria’s massage therapy college.

Gracie Ang

Gracie practices Tui Na which is better known as Chinese Deep Tissue. She is much different from the other massage therapists in Victoria BC as she works deeply to get to your pain point. She will provide you more insight about your pains and diet to help you feel better.

Best Custom Orthotics And Pedorthist In Nanaimo BC

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, like many of us do, you need your feet to do a great job of supporting you. Many people develop problems in different parts of their body due to an imbalance in their feet, and this can be detrimental in the long term. Getting the support you need is not something to be taken lightly.

Maybe you have tried different types of shoes or store-bought insoles to help you feel more comfortable, and you’re reading this now because you need a better solution. The truth is that people have different shapes of feet, from high arched to supinated to pronated and others, and even the best quality pair of shoes might not be the best fit for addressing your specific discomfort. Seeking out custom orthotics is a good move to make when you want support that is actually designed for your feet.

So who is the best pedorthist to get custom orthotics in Nanaimo BC from? For 17 years Island Pedorthic Footcare has provided prescription custom foot orthotics, and they make their orthotics while keeping in mind the dysfunction in your feet, your body weight, and your biomechanical complaints. They have a trusted method for determining how orthotics can help you, by putting in the effort to understanding how your feet affect and are affected by your overall body and health.

Depending on your condition, you may get fitted for Accommodative Orthotics or Functional Orthotics. Island Pedorthic Footcare can customize your orthotics to fit into your shoes and adjustments are possible later on. They also promise that your orthotics will be refundable and 100% guaranteed. Properly fitted orthotics can play the significant role of helping parts of your body that were previously misaligned to line up, so its worth it to go with a Nanaimo pedorthist who has experience and will provide you with service that they stand behind. We recommend you check them out to get exemplary service and expertise.

Island Pedorthic Footcare


Dublin Way,


B.C. V9T 0H2

Tel: 250-758-1716


Best Chiropractors in Nanaimo BC

If you’re going to spend the time and money on making an appointment to see a chiropractor, you want them to do a great job. With so many options available, there are bound to be some chiropractors who are better than others. Whether they have more experience in general or they are more skilled at addressing particular health problems, the best chiropractor in Nanaimo BC will be able to provide you with what you need for your health.

Here’s who we recommend: Harbour City Chiropractic has two chiropractors who have been practising here since 2006, and who prior to that operated a practice in downtown Vancouver for ten years. They’ve got a lot of experience to back them up, and their services in Nanaimo are meant to be convenient for the diverse needs of the population here. They offer complimentary consultations, first of all–something that you may not find at every chiropractic practice in town.

What will happen at a consultation? You can expect that whoever is meeting with you will determine whether chiropractic is the right move for you. And if it is not, you will not be left in the dust–they will refer you to another health practitioner. Your health is treated as a priority here, and that will make a difference for you.

Next they will determine what has caused the problem that brought you to chiropractic in the first place. Through a few procedures and exams, you can feel assured that you are getting thorough care.

If you are coming to chiropractic following a car accident, Harbour City Chiropractic has the solution for you: the ICBC Chiropractic Treatment Program, which is available to those who have been in an accident since 2009. They do not require you to get a referral from another doctor or pay any expenses from your own pocket.

This is just a taste of what the chiropractors at Harbour City Chiropractic are available for. We recommend you book your consultation or find out more about their Nanaimo chiropractic services on their website.

Nanaimo Chiropractors

Harbour City Chiropractic

#102 – 5180 Dublin Way

Nanaimo, BC, V9T 0H2

Phone: 250-758-1716