Best Storage Facility Victoria BC

There are lots of storage facilities in the city to choose from. But what one is the best storage facility in Victoria BC? Read on to find out.

At some point you are going to need to store some items at a facility. Whether you are downsizing your home, going through or home renovation or just need to de-clutter the home a bit, you’ll need one. That’s what brings you here.

U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria

I was first introduced to the concept of mobile storage years ago when a company out of the United States sponsored a basketball tournament. The company was called PODS and what they did was bring a storage pod to your home. You would then load it up and when finished, call the company and they would pick it up.

Well, that is exactly how U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria works. Not having to drive to the storage facility is one advantage of U-Paks storage service. But what else?

They use metal instead of wood storage units. If you care about your belongings going into the facility, you will want to be sure to store them in a wood unit. Why? Because metal units are air tight containers. This means if any moisture gets into the container, it can cause mould and can start to decay any items inside. Using wood units allows your belongings to breathe and if you are worried about them being waterproof, the units are wrapped in vinyl.

Another reason why U-Pak is the best storage facility in Victoria is that they store the wood units in their heated warehouse. Other storage facilities store them outside which means the temperatures will fluctuate throughout the year.

If those aren’t enough reasons to choose U-Pak for your storing needs, they also have the cheapest prices in town. That’s right. Their rates start at $89 a month.

Lastly, they are located just in Esquimalt which makes this very accessible shall you need to access your storage unit. Many facilities in the city are located well outside of Victoria making it a pain having to go to your unit.


So there you have it. The best storage Victoria BC facilities is without a doubt U-Pak Mobile Storage.

U-Pak Mobile Storage

878 Viewfield Rd

Victoria, BC