Best Auto Care Repair Shop In Victoria BC

Car repairs are often costly but necessary–putting one off is not going to help you in the long run. But sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to get repairs completed, especially if you do not know who you can trust. We’ve all heard stories of people being ripped off, of auto technicians completing repairs that were not necessary, or of repair companies not being upfront with how much their services will really end up costing their customers. If you are looking to have your car fixed in a timely fashion, at a reasonable rate, and by someone who has a good reputation for providing quality repairs, we recommend you read on to find out who we think offers the best car repair in Victoria.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care has served the city for over 50 years now and they offer a wide range of services that Victoria residents have come to trust and rely upon. The reviews posted on their Google+ show how they strive to provide service that is above what many people have come to expect from an auto repair shop.

Their skilled technicians can complete many types of repairs–and they will do it all while keeping good ethics as one of their top priorities. In fact, in Better Business Bureau’s category for trades services and support for all of Vancouver Island, they won the 2013 ethical decision making award. They were also a finalist for BBB’s 2014 business ethics & integrity award for the Trades category on the island.

While some other repair businesses can seem to take advantage of the fact that car owners want their cars fixed quickly and will settle for whoever will do a good enough job, this Victoria BC car repair shop is committed to providing services that are ethical and even educational. For instance, by offering Ladies Night car clinics, they have shown that they want women–who might feel disrespected by other companies–to feel informed about what’s going on with their car. Their vehicle pick up and drop off service is another great benefit.

The next time you need an auto repair, give this long-time Victoria business a try.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

1885 Government Street (at Chatham St)

Victoria, B.C. Canada

V8T 4W6


Best Mechanics In Victoria BC

There are some jobs that are best left to professionals. When it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance, you’ve got a lot of mechanic shops to choose from in Victoria BC. It can often seem like the best option is whatever is most convenient–whether that’s the shop that is located closest to you or the one that is offering a good deal on whatever service you need. But there’s a lot at stake with repairing your vehicle and if you’ve got the time to find the best mechanic in Victoria, you should take advantage of that opportunity. Here’s who we think you should check out.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014 and it’s easy to see how they’ve stuck around for so long in Victoria. Their mechanics are award winning and they’re proud to be a part of the city’s community by hosting events directed to women and showing a commitment to being environmentally friendly through hosting an Earth Day Celebration, offering green oil changes, and providing tips on their website on green driving.

They offer every auto repair and maintenance service you could need, including pre-purchase vehicle inspections, and they aim to be convenient. Victoria Transmission & Auto Care has a pick up and drop off service, so you can rest easy if getting to their Government & Chatham location might be difficult for you. And they’re willing and able to answer your questions about car repair in Victoria BC both in person and online through their website and YouTube channel.

If you like to know whether previous customers were satisfied, you can check out their great Google+ reviews and take note of the fact that they were finalists for the BBB 2014 Torch Award. Victoria Transmission & Auto Care give you all the information you might want to know about their services on their website, including giving you the option of making an appointment online. This is a great long-time Victoria mechanic shop that you should get in touch with the next time you need repairs or maintenance.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care

mechanics Victoria BC

1885 Government St

Victoria, BC


Phone: 250-382-2833

Bets Oil Change in Victoria BC

Maintaining your car can become time-consuming and costly. The last thing you need is for any work you have completed to not be up to the standard you need, or for the auto technicians to try to charge you for more services than you asked for.

Another concern with car maintenance nowadays is the desire to be as eco-friendly as possible. It is not always easy to be green with your car, when many auto repair shops do not offer services that are environmentally conscious.

One task that benefits from expert attention is an oil change. It’s one of those things that you might be able to do yourself, but taking your car to an auto repair shop for an oil change can provide you with high quality service and also give you a chance to get an entire vehicle inspection completed. And when you’re looking for great service in this area, the best oil change shop in Victoria BC for the job is Victoria Transmission and Auto Care. They have been trusted in Victoria for 50 years now and they truly take pride in their work.

Since the sales peoples here are not commission-based, you can trust that they will keep only your best interests in mind when suggesting additional services. Your oil change will come with a safety inspection, top up of vital fluids, and possibly more depending on the oil change option you choose. One option they have is the Green Oil Change, which uses Eco Power re-refined oil. This is something that not every shop in town provides and it’s worth considering.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is also an accredited shop, so you can use their oil change service when you have a vehicle warranty to keep intact. To get expert attention on your vehicle from a business you can trust, this is the shop to check out.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

best oil change in Victoria BC

1885 Government Street (at Chatham St)

Victoria, B.C. Canada

V8T 4W6



Best Truck Accessories Shop Victoria BC

Owning a truck is a thrill and a responsibility. You can use it to transport recreational items of many types (boats, trailers, and more) and to store and move small objects. No matter what you use your truck for, you need accessories that will keep you and your possessions safe, or that will make using your truck more convenient for you. You do not want anything to be damaged unnecessarily or to be stolen due to them not being attached securely enough to your truck.

So what do you need from a truck accessories store in Victoria BC? You will probably benefit from finding variety–a variety of products, and a variety of sizes of one type of product. Good quality items that are priced fairly and sold by people who have valuable knowledge about the products will make your experience a pleasant one. Many big box stores that sell truck accessories are staffed by people who do not necessarily have knowledge of or even an interest in the needs of truck owners–which is not the way to create satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for everything mentioned above, All Season Auto Racks is the store you need to check out. They have tonneau covers, trailer hitches, truck outfitting, truck steps, fifth wheel hitches, rigid lights, winches, running boards, winch bumpers, and more. The products come from great brands, so you can trust that you will find good quality products here, on top of good service. If you are a contractor, headache racks and tool boxes are available for you here, too.

And if you are the type that likes to check out available products online ahead of time instead of going blindly into a store, you will find that their website will provide you with a ton of photos of some of their products, already installed on trucks, in their gallery. If you’re looking for the best truck accessories store in Victoria BC, there is no need to continue your search any longer.

All Season Auto Racks

3325 Oak St

Victoria, BC

V8X 1P9

(250) 383-2100

Best Victoria BC Driving Lessons

A friend pointed out to me a few days ago how many more people they have noticed running red lights and turning left on red lights. It was has become unsafe on the roads throughout the city lately. Victoria Transmission and Auto Care came out with a great blog post about the 8 worst intersections in the city for traffic accidents. No doubt many of these accidents are caused from people with poor driving skills, impatience and they were distracted.

Outside of those reasons we both felt it had a lot to do with the fact that the city has grown and traffic has become a real problem. Some trips across town use to take me 15 minutes and now they are taking 25 due to the high traffic volumes. We can all agree that the traffic has become very crowded out on the roads.

But really most of the problems with accidents is that people need to not be distracted and to brush up on their driving skills. That’s why people are looking for the best driving lessons from driving schools in Victoria a lot these days.

Whether is a young teenager who is getting ready to take their first driving test or a senior looking to brush up on their skills, driving lessons can be taken by anybody. And they really should be many people to avoid have many traffic accidents.

We know there are lots of schools in Victoria who offer driving lessons. But we feel that Westshore Driving School out in Colwood & Langford is the best when it comes to offering driving lessons. Their prices are the best in the city and they have brand new cars to anyone to learn on.


Westshore Driving School
3376 Happy Valley Road
Victoria, BC,V9C 2W4

Best Brake Repair Shop Victoria BC

There is nothing more scary then having a pair of brake pads that are wearing thin. Brakes are obviously the most important safety part of any vehicle. Without brakes we wouldn’t be able to stop and of course this would never happen. Your brakes are to the point where you are searching for the best brake repair shop in Victoria BC.

Every knows about places like Midas, Speedy, Budget and other big brands. But we like to promote local businesses on this website. We strongly believe in supporting the local business community here in this great city.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care

For years Victoria Transmission & Auto Care was known strictly for their transmission repair. But in 2010 the ownership changed and the new owners Peter Block and Adam Sullivan wanted to branch out and offer general car repair and maintenance services. Their mechanics were well trained and had been with the company for many years.

The have won many awards during these years including the 2013 Better Business Bureau’s Ethical Decision Making in the Trade Services & Support category. They do so because they are open and honest with customers. They never do work on a car unless they have the owners permission and never will they pull a fast one by saying a car needs work that is not needed. They even have auto education classes to empower and educate people about their vehicles.

This is the main reason why we feel they are the best brake repair shop in Victoria BC. They offer drop off service for residents located in the Saanich, Esquimalt and Victoria municipalities as long as things aren’t too busy. This alone is a nice feature as any brake repair service will require them to keep your car for a few hours.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care
1885 Government Street
Victoria, B.C.
V8T 4W6

Best Auto Glass Repair In Victoria BC


Finding the best auto glass repair shop in Victoria BC can be difficult. After all, who knows what company is the best? There is no way they could have possible gone to each shop and formed an opinion on who is the best. Regardless you want to still find out who people think is the top company to help with automotive glass repair or replacements.

Having a vehicle that needs a window repair or replacement can really mess with you life. In the case of when you need a new window or windshield all together, you have to give up your car for a day. This could have been caused to someone breaking into your vehicle or an act of god like a tree falling and smashing the window.

Another scenario is when a rock bounces up and chips your windshield. This is the ultimate annoyance. You wait a few days to see if the chip grows and turns into a spider web. If it does, you need to get it repaired or fixed as soon as possible. If you don’t, you run the risk of having to replace the windshield altogether.

In both cases you might be able to have the repair or replacement covered by your insurance company if you have comprehensive insurance. In this case, you want to look for an ICBC Express Glass Shop to help you with your claim. First Response Glass is such a shop and can take care of your claim from start to finish. This is wonderful service that allows you to enjoy your life rather then having to sort out things you don’t want to.

This is why we suggest First Response Glass as the best auto glass repair shop in Victoria BC. They have two locations to serve you in Saanich and Langford. See those locations below and give them a call if you need assistance with any auto related glass problems.


First Response Glass Ltd (Main Branch)

#2 – 4217 Glanford Ave
Victoria, BC V8Z 4B9

First Response Glass Ltd (Westshore Branch)

894 Van Isle Way
Victoria, BC V9B 5R8

The Best Driving School in Victoria

Victoria has plenty of driving schools. But what one is the best? Here’s our personal suggestion.

Back in January we were on vacation in Hawaii. To be able to see Hawaii you must rent a car. Especially Oahu as there is more to see than Waikiki.

We wouldn’t have been able to rent a car and see all Oahu had to offer if it wasn’t for Westshore Driving School.

My girlfriend didn’t bother to get her license when she turned 16. She waited. And waited. Next thing she knew she was 25 and still without a license. She relied on her friends and public transit to get around Victoria.

But knowing were going to Hawaii, she finally wanted to get her license.

So we started seeking out the best driving school in Victoria. That’ when we came across Westshore Driving School. We had seen lots of cars from other companies but we liked the pricing and instructors they had.

It only took my girlfriend a few lessons to get comfortable. Since he was a little older she knew some of the road rules. But she just needed the experience of operating a motor vehicle and to get use to some of the rules she wasn’t aware of.

A couple of weeks after her last lesson, she did her exam and passed easily! Thankfully as were were going to Oahu the next week. We were able to see the great north coast of Oahu and all the great surfing spots up by sunset beach and the pipeline.

So we owe it all to Westshore Driving School. They offer lessons to people of all ages.

Contact them below:

Westshore Driving School

3376 Happy Valley Rd

Victoria, BC

V9C – 2W4



Who is the best used cars dealership in Victoria?

A few years ago I had an old Honda Accord. It was a great vehicle but it was old.

Like all old things it started to break down more and more. Then one day it finally really  broke down! I mean really broke down.

I had a big issue though, I was broke. I couldn’t buy anything else or fix it. So I rode my bike everywhere. This was good for my overall fitness as I lost a lot of weight.

But then last year something happened. I was riding my bike out of my driveway and as I glanced down at my gears, I ran into my neighbours car!

I smashed her taillight which cost me $100. I was pretty pissed and was getting frustrated with biking everywhere.

So I looked at my bank account and felt I had enough funds to buy a something from a used cars Victoria dealership. Like any person with a bike, I went straight to the internet and was happy to see lots of places had their stock online.

There are plenty of places to buy a vehicle from, but I went with Gold Star Auto Sales in Colwood. Harold, the owner, was great to me and worked well within my budget to find me a car that suited my needs.

I recommend them to any friend that’s looking for a used car in Victoria. That’s why I wanted to blog about it today. So check them out. They have all of their vehicle stock online for you to see and they answer emails promptly.