Who Is The Best Realtor In Victoria?

A few years back I was helping a friend trying to sell his home. He had bought back in 2002 and his home in Langford almost tripled on price.

He was well ahead of the curve buying out in Langford. I for one never saw that place grow like it did. I lived out there in 2000 and thought it was too dead. Boy was I wrong!

But my friend knew what he was doing. He saw that if the Greater Victoria area was going to grow, it could only grow north. Central Saanich has little in the way development and thus it’s not a very busy place.

The Westshore on the other hand was starting to grow and had plenty of land to be developed. Combine that with lots of big box retailers and the Westhore is booming.

Can you tell I’m bitter I didn’t buy at the time he did?

None the less he felt it was time to get out and that housing prices weren’t going to rise much of the next few years. So he’s going to buy land in the Mill Bay area in hopes of making a really large profit in 20 years.

However he was stuck in choosing a Victoria realtor. He’s lived in Victoria his whole life so he knows over 20 realtors. But he felt like finding someone he didn’t know.

So he asked for my help. I have the same issue. I know plenty of realtors. But we wanted  to look for someone new.

I suggested an old golfing friend of mine from back in my days as an assistant golf professional and Victoria Golf Club. Todd has always been great with people and even though he came from the golf world, he knows a lot about real estate.

My friend met with Todd once and was sold right away. He enjoyed how comforting, well connected and knowledgeable Todd was. This helped as him home sold in a matter of weeks. Mostly thanks to his large connection.

So if you’re looking for a realtor in Victoria, give Todd Mahovlich a call.