The Best Golf Courses in Victoria BC

Golf is near and dear to my heart. I first learnt how to play the game at the age of 8. I would watch my father play all the time.

Anything my father did, I wanted to try. Within 2 years I was hooked! I stopped playing baseball is the summers just so I could play golf everyday.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I played every day. Golf became and addiction. I wanted to get better and better.

This addiction turned me into a good player. When I was 18 I moved to Victoria and started working at Victoria Golf Club.

What a dream job this was. I got to play a great golf course and met so many wonderful people during my time there.

Now since I have lived in Victoria for over 13 years, I feel I have a pretty good sense of what the best golf courses in Victoria are.

Here is my list.

Victoria Golf Club

It’s a private club but I have no doubt it is best in Victoria. The seaside holes are fun and the greens are challenging. If any wind picks up, this course and it’s mere 6100 yards can play extremely tough.

Royal Colwood Golf Club

Another private club that belongs on this list. It’s layout in challenging and the course provides one of the most beautiful walks in all on golf in Canada. It’s like walking through a giant park and the massive trees provide a great backdrop for golf shots.

Bear Mountain – Mountain Course

I’ll be honest, I hated this course the first few times I played it. And despite having 5 holes I really wish they could blow up, I still feel the course is one of the best in Victoria. This a a public course where you must ride a cart.

Cordova Bay Golf Course

It had been a few years since I had played Cordova Bay earlier this summer. Boy did I forget how good the course was! The fairways and greens were in the best shape I had ever seen them in. The course is an easy walk, very forgiving and has surrounding flower beds manicured to perfection.

There are about a dozen other courses in the city. But I feel these are easily the best courses in Victoria.

If you’re looking for golf tips, be sure to visit my golf instruction blog as well. Also contact there if you want suggestions and reviews on other golf courses in Victoria and on Vancouver Island.