Best Carpet Cleaning Company in Victoria BC

Got a red wine stain or pet urine in your carpets? Perhaps they have a little too much dirt and grim from the fall and winter weather. No matter the reason we’ve selected the 5 best carpet cleaning companies in Victoria BC for 2018.

Sani Tech Services

Sani-TECH has been in business locally for almost 35 years, a company you can put your trust in when looking for carpet cleaning in Victoria BC. When you contact Sani-TECH Services you can expect a prompt response by a company representative. Certified technicians have the experience and training to remove even the toughest stains from your carpets and upholstery. Our low emission truck mounts a high heat extraction system that delivers superior cleaning and drying times. We are an environmentally aware company that uses only products and services that won’t harm the environment.

Luv-A-Rug Services

A company that specializes in offering cleaning services for area rugs throughout Victoria B.C. Each carpet is cleaned individually by hand with clean water and without the use of automated machines or recycled water. Area rugs made of materials such as sheepskin or when you need cleaning services for specialized items for example luggage, boat sails or canvas this is the company to call.

Dri Way Carpet and Upholstery Care

Dri Way specializes in the cleaning of fixed carpets leaving out the noxious fumes, excessive perfumes or excessive water. For those concerned with the moisture left in rugs or longer drying times Dri Way provides a low moisture method.

NationWide Carpet Cleaning Services

With more than 25 years serving local residents, NationWide is a locally owned and operated business. They specialize in cleaning carpets, upholstery cleaning and fine area rug cleaning and pet odour removal.

Greenway Carpet Cleaning

Providing carpet cleaning for both fixed and area rugs, upholstery and mattresses for residential and commercial customer in Victoria BC. As the name suggests Greenway uses natural, safe, biodegradable products to clean carpets and upholstery. Their quick drying method promises no residue will be left behind in carpets and complete removal of pet odours.

Best Victoria BC CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Monitoring the security of your home or business has come a long way from those grainy images in years past. With the crystal clear pictures available with HD you have the ability to see what’s happening on your property at all times whether it’s your home or business or both. Offering continuous recording every move is recorded which translates into more security. For the home you can see who’s at the front door any cars parked in your driveway and see when your children arrive safely home after school.

Security Cellular Plus’ HD CCTV video surveillance options provide information instantaneously via your mobile device.  For use indoors or outdoors, wired or wireless allow you to customize your personal needs and give you peace of mind knowing your family and belongings are safe and secure in your home or business.

Choose from the different options available to customize your security system with the best HD CCTV cameras in Victoria BC.

  • Infrared Cameras – Provides the ability to see images clearly at night especially in those dark corners.
  • HD Quality – The crystal clear picture with an HD camera helps identify any intruders
  • Remote View Access – Using your mobile device, laptop or ipad you can view any activity that happens when you’re not on the premises.
  • Motion Activated Recording – Minimize storage space with a motion activated recording device which also makes it easier to find events.
  • E-Mail or Texting Notifications – You’re kept informed when you’re away.
  • Multiple Views – This feature gives you the ability to view more than one location at the same time, for example your primary residence and your vacation home even your boat.
  • Expandable Systems – Should the need arise you can always add more cameras at any time.
  • Video Storage – With several ways of keeping footage from traditional hard drive NVR storage, local individual camera SD storage or cloud range your storage is fully customizable to your requirements.

Give Security & Cellular a call and discover the many ways to customize your security system, servicing clients in Saskatoon and Victoria BC.

Alarms Victoria BC

Security & Cellular LTD
426-800 Kelly Rd
Victoria, BC

Best Alarm Systems in Victoria BC

When it comes to safety, a security system is a personal preference among many homeowners and business owners. Having a security system installed in your property provides peace of mind as there is assurance that your family or your business is protected.

With a wide range of security alarm systems available in the market presently; it can be quite hard to choose the most reliable one.

Below are top 4 security systems provider in Victoria BC:

Security & Cellular

Best Alarm Systems Victoria BC

Security & Cellular has been helping residents and business owners in Saskatoon be safe for over 20 years. They now offer the same safety and alarms in Victoria BC. They offer a wide range of security and alarms for homes and businesses.

Price’s Alarms – Security Systems

Price’s Alarm Security is one of Canada’s oldest security provider. It is owned and founded by the Price family as locksmith way back 1895. From humble beginnings, they ventured into the alarm security systems business. Presently, they are considered as the biggest independent alarm systems provider in western Canada, covering areas in Vancouver Island, Edmonton, Lower Mainland, and Okanagan.

Presently, Price’s Alarm Security Systems is gaining popularity in British Columbia and is continuing to grow and expand all over BC. They offer services such as burglar alarms for residential or commercial units, environmental alarms, security systems design, medical alert systems and fire and elevator monitoring.

Nova Integrated Systems Ltd.

Nova Integrated Systems is a security provider that offers installation and consultation. They have 40 years of experience in the field of security and other related fields.

They can work on residential, commercial or industrial units. They offer services such as CCTV Installation and services, Integration with 3rd party systems, security consultation, Access Control Systems Installation and Services and Security System Design.

Victoria Alarm Service Ltd.

Victoria Alarm Service provider serves Victoria BC and the surrounding area with security systems. They utilize Honeywell in providing home or business units with security protection.

They use the all-in-one home control systems by Honeywell in residential home security. They boast of their Honeywell security products for its quality alarm systems capabilities.

Victoria Alarm Service has various products to offer. They have their famous Total Connect Remote Services from Honeywell that utilizes the Internet alarm communications and can remotely connect with your locks, lights, temperature control and more. They can also create customized solutions depending on your need, like letting you remotely control your security systems with your smartphone.

Best Custom Home Builders In Victoria BC

When you’re searching for the best custom home builders in Victoria you might assume it’s only about their qualifications. First and foremost you want a builder who is committed the highest level of customer satisfaction and is there every step of the way to make your dream a reality.

Finding the best of the best. Residents in a city the size of Victoria will have builders with many years of experience along with a good reputation. So look to customer testimonials and by all means ask for references from other clients. Possibly the builder is the recipient of some local awards which can demonstrate the quality of their work.

Experience. You want a builder with lots of experience and not just building homes but custom homes to suit the buyers specialized requirements. The high end finishes on custom homes require that custom builders employ very skilled tradesmen. It takes years for builders of custom homes to gain the experience so you can be assured they’ll be there to stand behind their warranties.

Integrity. The best custom home builder is one who demonstrates a high level of honesty and integrity in every interaction. Everything is clearly stated in your contract from materials to completion dates.

What sets a custom builder apart. Many homes are built on speculation which simply put is a home build to general specification and not for a specific client. Custom home builders are different in that the home their building is to suit one particular person’s vision. Often these home are built to a high standard and quality of workmanship.

The best custom builder for you. Everyone has an opinion about the best custom home builder in Victoria, there are as many opinions as there are people. So how do you choose the best one for getting that dream home or renovation done? Ask your family and friends if there’s a builder they have dealt with and would recommend. Online is a good place to look for reviews but probably your best bet is customer testimonials. Often what it comes down to is when you meet with the builder do you have the impression you can work well together. You should have similar ways of communicating and if so ask yourself if this is someone who will work relentlessly to make your dream a reality.

Lida Homes



Best Perimeter Drain Contractors In Victoria BC

Trying to search for the best perimeter drain contractor in Victoria BC?

When you find a moisture problem in your home the cause can sometimes be difficult to narrow down. A leak at the joint in your wall or floor commonly indicates problems with the perimeter drain, foundation or slab. Occasionally the cause is not as easy to detect. The last thing you want to do is guess because that could become very costly.

Finding a rusty drywall screw or mold growth on the baseboard could have a couple of different causes. It could indicate a crack or even a humidity problem within the home which is happening with today’s air tight home envelopes.

Defining the exact cause is one of the best ways to zero in on what’s causing your moisture issues. Having a perimeter drain inspection involves checking the perimeter drains, sometimes called drain tiles. Utilizing devices such as cameras this type of inspection can quickly determine if this is at the root of your problems. Should that be the case and the inspection finds it needs replacement or repairs at Victoria perimeter drains we can help you resolve the issue.

Replacing perimeter drain tile is a detailed operation and includes the following:

  • Pulling permits
  • Removing and replacing any obstacles such as concrete, decks, plants or stairs
  • Cleaning, inspecting and treating the foundation to prevent further leaks
  • Managing municipal inspections
  • Hauling away any debris and finally cleaning the tile

Perimeter drains have to be installed correctly in order to do their job which is to direct water away from you foundation or concrete slab.

To protect your home and even health from the dangers of moisture and leaks it’s best to call a company that has the expertise. Rather than hiring separate contractors isn’t one who can oversee the job from start to finish.

Think of the peace of mind knowing your yard will be returned to it’s former condition.

Contact Wet Coast Drainage Solutions below for more information on their perimeter drains service.

5418 Fowler Road
Victoria, BC
V8Y 1Y3
Phone : 250-889-5478

Best Glass Shop In Victoria BC

When you find yourself needing the services of Victoria BC glass shop of course you want to find the best. You could ask people you know if there’s anyone they recommend after all we often rely on their opinions. Unless someone has checked out every one it’s impossible to know which is the glass shop. When you need help with automotive glass repair or replacement you want the best company to do the work.

Having a window repair or replacement in your home can cause some inconvenience in your everyday life.

If you need a new window or windshield altogether it’s going to mean leaving your vehicle for the day and returning to pick it up later. You may have had your window smashed when someone breaks into your car or a tree may have fallen caused damage.

You could be driving down the road and a rock bounces up and chips your windshield. Through no fault or yours these things do happen. Adopting a wait and see attitude you want to first see if the chip grows and forms a web of cracks. If that turns out to be the case you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise you may end up needing the whole windshield replaced so having chips repaired could save you money down the road.

With both of these situations your glass repair or replacement could be covered if you purchased comprehensive insurance coverage. If either of these scenarios you want to look for an ICBC Express Glass Shop to help you with your claim. In Victoria First Response Glass is such a shop and can take care of your claim from start to finish. Minor inconveniences can feel stressful in an already busy life a wonderful service to help sort out the paperwork is welcome. Contact First Response Glass for a free quote and they’ll be happy to answer any questions.


#2 – 4217 Glanford Ave
Victoria, BC V8Z 4B9

5 Questions to Ask a Victoria BC Electrician

Electrical work can be dangerous and very costly if done incorrectly, so it’s definitely one of those home renovation projects you’ll want to hire only the best Victoria BC electricians for. But where do you start? Use these questions to avoid the pitfalls of home renovations gone wrong and when you need to hire an electrician.

  1. May I see your certificate of insurance?

This is a way not only to protect yourself but also a test to see how professional this electrician is. If they don’t have insurance, don’t even let them in the front door, as this leaves you, the homeowner, liable for anything that goes wrong. From an injury caused by a slip on your stairs, all the way to a fire caused by faulty work, you’ll be on the hook. Be sure to verify insurance is valid in Victoria as some policies are void if the electrician is working outside the stated area.

  1. May I see your license?  

If there is any hesitation, this should be a red flag. There are a couple of different levels of electricians in Victoria BC. For example there are apprentices and red seals. There are even some electricians operating in BC but have licenses from out of province, so make sure you’re talking to a fully licensed provincially registered electrician.

  1. What permit will I need?

The electrician will know this but you can also call the City of Victoria Electrical Permit line at 250 361-0343 to get a heads up on what type of permit you’ll need. Does this information match up with what your electrician gave you? Also, feel free to ask who they recommend for the work. The city of Victoria permit department work with, inspect and deal with electricians on a daily basis so this is great insider information if you can get it.

  1. What organizations do you belong to?

Are they part of the Victoria Better Business Bureau? If yes, spend some time on the BBB website and read the reviews. Also, there is an Electrical Contractors Association of BC so inquire about this. If they’re not members, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good electricians rather being a member is like a bonus point.

  1. May I have some references?

This is the most important question. Aim for 3 references and call every single one. Ask for details and dates of work completed. An electrician with a good long solid history is a great bet for a job well done.
If you are requiring the services of an Victoria BC electrician, contact Jaycox Industries today.

Who Is The Best Kitchen Cabinets Supplier In Victoria BC?

You are here looking for who the best kitchen cabinet supplier is in Victoria BC. Finding the best is something you need to do since a kitchen renovation is an investment. And you want to be certain your cabinets are in the hands of a great company.

The center of any home is the kitchen, it’s a natural gathering place for family meals or when entertaining company. The aroma of food cooking beckons us to be fed and share conversation and time together. If you are considering renovating your present kitchen it’s one of the best investments for your own enjoyment or resale value in the future.

Planning a New Kitchen

When planning for a kitchen renovation think about what doesn’t work currently and the changes you want to make to improve the flow, after all what may have been state of the art is probably dated now. What are your must haves, list them as you may need to trim the budget and forget the least important items.

Choosing a Supplier

Ask friends or family if they can recommend someone they’ve used, in any case you’ll want to get a few quotes from companies. It may be tempting to go with the lowest bid but it may not always be the wisest choice. Possibly you may end up being charged with unseen cost overruns. A good kitchen cabinets company is experienced in giving an accurate quote for the job so there should be no surprises. Ask for references, are they experienced with many different types of materials for your new cabinets You will also want to seek out a supplier who has an experienced designer on hand. This helps cut costs on hiring an interior designer to plan out what your cabinets will look like.

Your New Kitchen

You’ve chosen your supplier for your cabinets, one of the things you should be aware of is it’s standard for the company to request a small initial deposit to purchase the cabinets. When you are entirely satisfied with the quality of the work you can make your final payment. Being unable to have use of your kitchen can be a great inconvenience, because it is so central to our lives.

So just who is our selection for best kitchen cabinets supplier in Victoria?


Seaside Cabinetry & Design

9715 First Street
Sidney, British Columbia

Best Nanaimo Moving Companies

Moving is a very stressful and complicated experience and is hard enough as it is. When you take into account kids, pets, and extended family it becomes a very chaotic experience. Luckily there are a variety of Nanaimo moving companies that can help with the move and make it less stressful and chaotic.

Two Small Men with Big Hearts

They are one of the top movers n Nanaimo and offer full service moving within Canada and the United States. Their clean, well maintained, and fully equipped moving trucks are ready for all types of moving needs. Two Small Men with Big Hearts only hire experienced professional movers that will make sure all your goods are protected and go un damaged in the move. If you need an extra hand throughout the move, they can provide a full pack service to help you out. They also have packages for those who need to move on a budget.

You Move Me

For service all over the island including Victoria, You Move Me is there to help Nanaimo residents during that stressful experience of moving. You Move Me is there throughout the entire process from start to finish. They can help you plan, pack your boxes, pick up and transport your stuff, and ensure that it arrives safe and sound. You Move Me has a one hour minimum charge which means that you are only paying for the time that they are actually moving your stuff. Their professional movers will make sure that any questions and stresses you have about the situation will be alleviated.


Bekins has been moving families in the Nanaimo area for many years. They are proud members of the Canadian Association of Movers, United Van Lines, and The Better Business Bureau. Bekins has the ability to move locally or long distance and are happy to provide a free quote for moving, packing, and storage needs with no obligation. Bekins employees go through an extensive training program before any move they conduct to make sure that your goods are transported safely and with no damage. Their trucks are equipped with satellite tracking and have two way radios for real time communication and updates.

Sunrise Moving

Whether you need to 10 minutes away, down the island, or somewhere else in British Columbia, Canada or the United States, Sunrise Moving & Storage can fill all your needs. Sunrise charges a flat rate for long distance moves compared to other companies who charge by weight, which can lead to unexpected costs. Sunrise Moving is happy to provide a free estimate for moving in case of any questions. Their moving services do not just stop at dropping the stuff off at the house, but also include unpacking services. This includes unpacking everything and setting up your television as well as making sure all of your personal items are where they need to be.

Best Kitchen Renovations Contractors in Victoria BC

Have you reached the maximum that your kitchen can handle?  Is it time for new cabinets or countertops? Or is it so out of date that it can’t be called quaint or retro any more?  You know it’s time for a kitchen renovation, but how can you find the best kitchen renovation contractor in Victoria area?  You can be successful finding that right contractor when you arm yourself with the right questions and tools to do your research with.

If you are ready to get your dream kitchen started by renovating your current one, come up with a list of the things that you want your kitchen to have, and be sure to prioritize the items that are most important to you. That way, you can still be happy with the final results if you have to pare some items down due to budget issues or cost overruns.

Be sure to get several bids on the job.  A reputable contractor will be more than willing to provide you with a competitive quote at no cost, and they will not expect to have the bulk of the funds paid up front.  Realistically, they should only charge a small materials cost to get started with and then collect the balance when the job is done to your satisfaction.

Don’t always go with the cheapest bid, because there might be a very good reason that company came in with the lowest price.  As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. You want to have someone come do the work who will do a quality job and not leave issues that you end up seeing every time you walk in your kitchen.  Your contractor should also be efficient so you can get the job done and get back to your favourite room in the house quickly.

Look for a company with a good track record who has been in business a while. Your contractor should be able to work with a wide variety of materials so you can rest assured no matter whether you want your counter to be travertine or granite, or your floors to be tile or hardwood, the job will be done right the first time.

Check their license for any liens, and be sure that the company is insured and bonded so should something go wrong, they – and you – are covered.  Some companies like Angie’s List will help you by prescreening companies and providing you a satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Toolbox Renovations if you are looking for a kitchen remodel in Victoria BC.