Best Victoria BC Craft Breweries

No matter what time of year it is, it is always a great time to visit a cidery, brewery, or distillery in Victoria. Vancouver Island has much to offer in these categories including award winning beverages to quench any thirst. Whether you are looking to go on a brewery hop, or just spend an afternoon at one or two, take a look at the list below for your best options in Victoria:

Vancouver Island Brewery

This brewery has had an interesting history since opening in 1984 including multiple moves and a name change. Today you will find the Vancouver Island Brewery in downtown Victoria where you can visit to see the facilities and taste their craft beers. The brewery has also only had two brewmasters over the years who have both won many awards for their creations.

Hoyne Brewing Co.

Hoyne offers a variety of whimsical beverages that are perfect for different activities and seasons including a honey beer and an espresso stout. This brewery can be enjoyed across BC and Alberta as it is supplied in many liquor store locations, or you can visit their Victoria base and purchase a growler or keg yourself.  


Category 12 Brewing

The head brewer at Category 12 has been in the business for almost 20 years, but the interesting thing about him is that he was a scientist before he got into beer. Today he brings his love of science to his brewery, where all his beers and the brewery itself are science themed. Head to the brewery in Victoria for tastings, or find the beer in liquor stores across the Island and Mainland.

Moon Underwater Brewery and Pub

Moon Underwater brewery celebrates European tradition with its German brewhaus and pub menu. An exciting new addition to the brewery is the barrel aged sour program which will produce sour beer that has a fruity and tart flavour. Along with enjoying great beer, check out the daily specials at the pub with a menu specially crafted to highlight their beverages.

Lighthouse Brewing Company Inc.

Lighthouse prides itself on the quality of beer that you can only get from small batches. With its nautical theme, the brewery brings a new twist on craft beer, and its staff are always happy to chat about their products.

Driftwood Brewing Company

Although Driftwood brewery does not offer tours in person, you can take a unique virtual tour on their website. Since they began in 2008, they have had much success with their core and seasonal brews. See for yourself at the brewery where you can pick up a growler or a few bottles to try out.

Best Steak In Victoria BC

Many people love red meat. I am one of those people. That is why I was inspired by this Reddit post to mention the best steak in Victoria BC.

Victoria is a city that is definitely more known for it’s seafood restaurants. Which makes total sense given how close it is to the ocean. But where to go when you are looking for a good piece of meat? Not Argentina that’s for sure!


Keg Steakhouse Victoria BC

Now my first and top place to grab a steak is the Keg. The Keg has been pumping out consistent steaks that are always cooked to perfection.

Both locations in Downtown on Fort and in Saanich are fun while they offer a different atmosphere.

Keg Saanich
3940 Quadra St
Victoria, BC
V8X 1J6

Keg Fort Street
500 Fort St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1E5

Nautical Nellies

Nautical Nellies

I mentioned earlier in this post how well known Victoria is for their seafood restaurants. Nautical Nellies is one of those. But they also serve an awesome steak.

I hadn’t been here in a few years until this past winter. Although the prices seemed to be a little higher, the quality of food was as well. I had the New York Strip Loin and it was very, very good.

Nautical Nellies
1001 Wharf St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1T6

Brasserie L’ecole

Brasserie L'ecole

I have still yet to dine at Brasserie L’ecole but the Yelp reviews of their Steak are pretty damn good. Just one more place for you think about. That is if you can get in. I’ve heard their busy and don’t take reservations. If you want to try the steak at Brasserie, try and go early in the week.

Brasserie L’ecole
1715 Government St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1Z4,

So there you have three fantastic places to enjoy the best steaks in Victoria BC. No matter if you are a long time local or just visiting, I’m sure these restaurants won’t disappoint.

Best Patios In Victoria BC for 2015

Summer has been in full effect almost since the beginning of May here in Victoria. We’ve had a unbelievable stretch of weather that looks like it will continue into September.

The weather has surely got you searching to find out what the best patios in Victoria BC for 2015 are. You see last year we published a post on the best patios. But they are a couple of patios that we didn’t mention that opened late last summer. We felt the need to mention them because you may or may not know about them. You could be a local who doesn’t get downtown much or a visitor looking for a great place to enjoy the sun, views, food and drink.

Lure Restaurant

Lure actually opened in the early summer of 2014 but we never got a chance to check it out. That was until early this June. Sure glad we did.

It arguably has the best view of the inner harbour as you face The Empress, Parliament Buildings and the beautiful massive yachts that dock at the harbour. A couple of problems we found were that drinks were quite expensive and that it can get windy. So bring warm clothes no matter what and don’t plan to stay for too many cocktails.

They’ve got normal table seating but also couches that surround a nice natural gas fire pit. It really is something similar to what you’d see in a big city.

$5 pints ALL DAY!! Work in the industry? 10% off food starting at 5pm! #yyj #patio #VictoriaBC

A photo posted by LURE Restaurant & Lounge (@lurevictoria) on

If the #patio is calling your name, we’d love to see you!

A photo posted by LURE Restaurant & Lounge (@lurevictoria) on

Lure Victoria
100 Harbour Rd
Victoria BC


Steamship Grill

Another patio that opened early last summer that we never had chance to check out was the Steamship Grill. It faces out towards the Songhees area and Lure’s patio infact. What this means is that it get’s the sunsets.

We had a meal and a couple of drinks while there. The food was ok but nothing special and the drink prices were decent. It can get cold on this patio but one nice touch is they provide blankets which you can see in the photo below.

Summer nights and sunsets on the patio. #summer #victoriabc #patiotime #views #harbourfront #explorebc #innerharbour

A photo posted by Steamship Grill (@steamshipgrill) on


Steamship Grill
470 Belleville Street
Victoria, BC V8V 1W9

Best Eggs Benny Victoria BC

I was driving by the Village Restaurant yesterday with a couple of friends when we got on the topic of who makes the best eggs benny in Victoria BC. I hadn’t been to the Village before strictly because they oversell themselves using the #yyj on Twitter and it spams my stream up. But the both of them said it was pretty good there but it wasn’t the best in Victoria BC. Not even by a long shot.

Who makes the best eggs benny’s in the city? Here are some of the places that I think do.

Shine Cafe

All three of us went on record as saying Shine Cafe makes the best eggs benny in the city.

I went there for the first time about 5 years ago. It was before a golf tournament and I was so impressed. All I could think about for the rest of the day was the benny I just had! Last time I was there a few months back I had the B-Rys which comes on cornbread topped with refried beans and has bacon, avocado drizzled with Chipotle hollandaise.

1550’s Pub

Although they are not a breakfast place and have only two bennys on their menu, there are both really good. They have a seafood benny that comes with shrimp and it’s damn good. Well worth trying if you live in the Cedar Hill area.

Jam Cafe

I already think Jam is one of the best breakfast places in the city. That’s partly because of their wide selection of savour choices. One of those choices is the chorizo benny they offer on their menu. It’s spicy and savour all at the same time.

Urban Cup

If you want to avoid the trendy places downtown to get a benny, try the Urban Cup on Shelbourne. Their bennys are simple yet delicious and you don’t have to wait in line. Great if you’ve been out the night before and need something to soak up the booze!

What are some places or bennys that I missed?


Best Patios In Victoria BC

Canoe Brewpub Patio Victoria Bc

Summer is here and in full swing. I’m really behind on this post and it’s been about two months of summer. None the less, there is nothing like grabbing some food, drinks and hanging out with close friends on the best patios in Victoria BC.

Here are list of some on my favorites.

The Local Kitchen

I love the local because it’s a prime spot for people watching and it’s close to the water. Oh, I should also mention that they have some damn good food there too! Be sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat though as their patio gets a lot of sun.

The Local

1205 Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Lido Bistro

Last week was my first time down at Lido and it was great. That patio isn’t as big as The Local or others in town but it’s directly on the harbour. It’s also more spaced our and secluded making it a great spot if you want a touch more privacy. Again, bring suncreen and a hat!

Lido Bistro

1234 S. Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Canoe Brewpub

Canoe might be my favorite patio because it’s massive so you can almost always get a seat. Like Lido it’s also right on the water making a great spot and it too gets sun all day long. The food is great and while i’m not a huge fan of their in house brewed beer, it’s still a good spot for a cocktail.

Canoe Brew Pub

450 Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Hopefully you can get out and enjoy some of Victoria’s best patios for the month of rest of the summer. I know I sure will!

Image courtesy of Coffeefoodies via Flickr.

The Best Italian Restaurants in Victoria

fiamo victoria bc

We have a lot of Italian restaurants here in Victoria. I’m a huge fan of Italian and love almost every type of pasta. Of course they don’t compete with the restaurants in Italy but they’re pretty damn close.

Here are the list of the best Italian restaurants in Victoria.


I have only been to Zambri’s a couple of times. But it’s fantastic. I had heard mixed reviews from a few of my friends. It was either amazing of below par. The reviews remind me of movie reviews. Always understand who’s telling you their opinion and keep that in mind.

Zambri’s is very good. The pasta’s I’ve had here are not rich and just the right size. The room itself is very cool. It’s located in the beautiful Atrium building. You can even sit out side the Atrium which provides a cool dining experience.

Zambri’s is great but a little on the pricey side.

Il Terrazo

Here’s another place that took me forever to finally try. My first time was 5 years ago and it’s know on my top places to eat list in the city.

The outside dining area is very cool as well. Overall, the pricing is a little high again but their lunch menu is almost the same and a lot of cheaper. So head there for lunch if it’s your first time.


I’ve been to Fiamo three times in the last two months. It’s that good! The last time I was there I had the butternut squash ravioli. Delicious! The portions are pretty big compared to what you’re paying.

It’s located in a very cool dining room. It use to be a restaurant called Suze and I enjoyed the experience there. That’s probably why I enjoy Fiamo.

Honourable mention goes to Pagliachi’s. Try the Hemmingway pasta.

So there you have what I think are the best Italian restaurants in Victoria BC.

Image courtesy Live Young and Free.

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Victoria


What beats a great morning breakfast out with friends on a Weekend morning?! Usually these occur after a night of tasty beverages and a late sleep in.

The weekend breakfast craze has been huge in Victoria for many years now. Over the last few years though we’ve seen a few places pop up that only offer all day breakfasts. Which is great because each place offers unique menu items and plenty of places to grab a nice breaky meal with friends and family.

So here are the best breakfast spots in Victoria.

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is located in the design district of Victoria on Herald St. The lineups are long for good reason and I suggest to try this place out on a weekday when things are a little slower.

Cabin 12

Cabin 12 was located downtown on Pandora St but I never ate there during that time. It’s only now that I since they’ve moved to Cedar Hill Rd that I’ve been able to enjoy their awesome breakfast menu. You won’t have to deal with long lineups here as they are away from the downtown lineups.

John’s Place

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to John’s Place but it’s always been good. Generous portions at lower prices is what you can expect at John’s.

There are lots of other places like Floyd’s, The Blue Fox and Mole which I’ve only been two once. I like the three choices I’ve listed above and suggest you try those or read reviews online.

Image courtesy of Jen Arr via Flickr.

What Are The Best Pubs In Victoria BC?

I love going out with friends. Especially in Victoria. There are so many pubs to choose from though. I can say that I usually go to the same five or six pubs.

Here’s a list of my favourite pubs to enjoy some food and drink at.

The Games Room At The Sticky Wicket

The Sticky Wicket has been around for ages. It’s a great place and that’s why it’s been able to last as long as it has.

Just recently they renovated the games room area of the pub. It looks a lot better and has a cool balcony where there are a few tables. You can pay darts up there and do some good people watching.

Bard and Banker Scottish Pub

Although the food is average here and the drink prices are the highest in the city, I still love the atmosphere this place provides. Walking into the main area reminds me of what the Titanic looked like. Lots of gold (or fake gold) light fixtures and staircases make it feel very elegant.

Most nights they have live music acts but hearing the voices of the patrons is enough to provide a lively atmosphere.

Canoe Brew Pub

Canoe Brew Pub (formerly Canoe Club) is another great atmosphere. It’s located in a very old building right on the Gorge. It has a huge pub area where live acts frequent the stage.

They probably provide the best pub food throughout the city. It also get’s special bonus points for having the best patio do drink and eat on during the summer.

The Beagle Pub

While the other pubs tend to be really big, the Beagle is very quant. It’s more of a local feel as it’s located in the heart of Cook Street Village. Lots of people live in the area and tend to stay around there to have drinks and food. Naturally the Beagle provides exactly what locals wants.

So there are is my list of the best pubs in Victoria BC.

What are your favourites?


The Best Sushi Restuarants In Victoria

I never really liked Sushi until about 7 years ago. For some reason it never appealed to me.

That was before I developed a pallet. Now I enjoy food from so many different countries. Sushi is one of those foods I really like.

So here’s my list of the best Sushi places in Victoria.

Shizen Sushi

I heard so many of my friends rave about Shizen. For good reason as I found out upon my first visit there earlier this year. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is great as well.

1706 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z5 ‎

(250) 381-8228 ‎


Chiba Sushi

Chiba always outperforms on the value scale. You get more quality that what you pay for. Try the chopped scallop rolls. The service isn’t the best but I’m not too concerned as it’s all about the food for me.

2706 Government St, Victoria, BC V8T 4R1 ‎

(250) 383-9886

Yoshi Suzhi

One of the more expensive places in the city, it’s always great quality and has bigger portions. Rumour has it there weekend lunches are 20% off. I have to go to confirm that.

771 Vernon Ave #604, Victoria, BC V8X 5A7 ‎

(250) 475-3900

Itami Sushi

One of the things that hindered this place from being great was the decor. They made a huge upgrade there. This place now has both great atmosphere and food. The Phoenix roll is fantastic and this another place that over delivers when it comes to value.

708 View St, Victoria, BC V8W 1J8 ‎

(250) 381-8868 ‎

Hope you enjoyed this list of the best Sushi restaurants in Victoria. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!