Best Wedding Photographers In Victoria BC

It’s a busy season for weddings, and one thing that every couple would benefit from on their big day is a Victoria BC wedding photographer. There seems to be a lot of options in this city, making it hard to decide. You have probably had your friends or family suggest who you should hire for the job, and maybe you feel inclined to just go with one of those suggestions. How hard can it be for someone to photograph a wedding, as long as they have the right equipment and maybe some training?

Well, it depends what you want out of your wedding photos. If you really just want someone to take some basic shots of the wedding party and of the ceremony, then maybe you would be satisfied with any photographer your friends suggest to you. But what about if you want some shots that are creative, exciting, and completely unique to you and your partner? If you look up ‘wedding photos’ on Pinterest or anywhere else online you can see some of the possibilities for photographing couples and their wedding parties. Your photos do not all have to be standard issue. Here is who we think you should consider if you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Victoria BC who will take photos that you will not soon forget.

FunkyTown Photography in Victoria has photographed hundreds of weddings in the past 10 years and aims to take funky, artistic shots. Christina Craft of FunkyTown was the highest ranked photographer in Victoria in 2014 and won #3 for all of Canada. FunkyTown is skilled at making people feel comfortable and look natural in the camera, so the photos will come out flattering. You will not be put into forced poses but will be given the direction needed so no one who looks at the photos will stop to think that you are camera shy. Their gallery of Victoria wedding photography shows you what they are capable of and what they can do for you. And if you also want more standard group photos for your own memories or because your family asks for them, FunkyTown Photography will be glad to take those as well.

You will want to look back at your wedding photos in the years to come, so getting something fun done will make it even more enjoyable than it would be otherwise. If you choose FunkyTown Photography, you can be sure that you will get creative photos that will remind you of the special, unique day that was your wedding.

wedding photographers victoria bc

FunkyTown Photography

3255 Glasgow Ave

Victoria, BC V8X 1M2‎

(250) 813-0846



Best T Shirt Printing Shop in Victoria

The Great Canadian Beer fest is around the corner. It’s a classic Victoria event that takes place at Royal Athletic Park where breweries from all over the Pacific Northwest and even Ontario provide samples of their best beers. The dates for the 2014 event are Friday September 5th and Saturday 6th.

I’ve been to this event a couple of times in the past and enjoyed it. This year tickets sold out super fast. Friends of mine where quick on the ball and snatched a bunch up. They then invited a huge group of people to come. Everyone said yes because who isn’t down for this great event? You’d be silly to miss this so get on UsedVictoria or Craigslist now and get tickets.

As this big group of people was chatting about how excited they are for this years Great Canadian Beer Fest, the idea came up of having personalized tee shirts with some funny sayings on them. You know, inside stuff no one else will get and think we’re weird.

A few weeks went but we all figured out what we wanted. Then I was given the task of finding a t-shirt printing Victoria BC company to get our awesome ideas on some shirts. Pewter Graphics is who we chose as they had the best rates, t shirts and turn around times. We gave them enough time in advance but they did a great job and our visions have been transferred to the shirts.

Now we can roll around the Great Canadian Beer Fest in a big pack with all of our shirts. I’m sure everyone will be starring at us wondering what everything means but we don’t care. We’re only hoping to make eachother laugh with our t shirts Victoria.

If you are looking for a custom embroidery shop in Victoria, contact Pewter Graphics below.

Pewter Graphics

1211 Quadra Street

Victoria, BC


Phone – (250) 370-7077

Who Sells The Best Electronic Cigarettes in Victoria?


A couple of years back I started to see more and more people with these blue things hanging from their mouths. A couple of seconds later I would see a puff of smoke coming out of their mouth.

I wondered what these were. A friend told me they were electronic cigarettes.

That got me thinking what a cool idea. I looked into starting an online shop to sell them since I knew they were going to back.

I didn’t and I am regretting it now! E-cigs and vaping have become very popular. Many discussions are out there saying they don’t help you quit smoking. I’m sure that can be true in same cases. Sellers of electronic cigarettes can’t officially say they will help you quit smoking as per Health Canada.

But all you have to do is ask people who have made the switch to them what benefits they have.

You’ll hear answers like:

“They are far more cheaper then regular cigarettes”

“They have slowed my addiction for nicotine”

“My lungs feel better”

“I can smoke inside my home and it won’t smell”

If you want more just do a search for electronic cigarettes benefits and you’ll see real answers from real users.

These benefits have cause a lot of stores opening up in Victoria who sell them. One of those electronic cigarettes in Victoria stores in Rare Air Cigs. They sell it all.

Starter kits that include an electronic cigarette, e-juice, battery charger and carrying case. It’s a great option for those wanting to make the switch for a low investment. With the prices of a regular pack of cigarettes it’s almost the price of two packs. But it will last much longer than those two packs.

My roommate ordered one of those starter kits and has cut down big time on his smoking. Two months in he still has the same e-juice bottle that cam with his starter kit.

Rare Air Cigs offers free shipping for orders within Canada and are located in Victoria. So shop online from the comfort of your home and don’t worry about having to trek across town to visit all the other electronic cigarette stores in Victoria.

Best Victoria BC Dog Training company

I’m not a huge pet guy. But my old roommate owned a dog. It wasn’t very well behaved though.

After two weeks of living with her and her dog, I had to tell her she needed to get her dog trained. My sleep was lacking and the dog was annoying because it wouldn’t stop barking.

He thought about getting a dog training toy he saw online. After some reviews though he found that the cost was cheap but that you have to be there with the bog training itself. Since he worked a lot this wasn’t going to work as he had no time to train his dog.

His second option was to attend a Victoria BC Dog Training class. But the same issue arose when he thought about buying a dog training product online. He just didn’t have enough time in the day to go to the class.

Luckily Tomey K9 Services offers training sessions in the evening. Owner Dave knows that many people are busy during the days and that’s why he offers training sessions in the evening.

I had a chance to sit in on Dave’s training and was more then impressed. The results we’re impressive and fast. I was finally able to sleep during the nights and have friends over without having to worry about my roommates dog. This meant better overall work performance for me and a well trained dog for my roomie.

So if you need dog training in Victoria BC, be sure to check out Tomey K9 Services.