Best Golf Instructors in Victoria BC

Last week I arote about the best golf courses in Victoria. But what about being able to play those courses well? That’s what today’s post is about.

Having worked in the golf industry in Victoria for 10 years, I feel that I know who the  best Golf Instructors in Victoria are.

The golf professional community is tight knit. There are torunaments that happen throughout the year on the Vancouver Island Professional Tour. So everyone knows eachother and checks their ego at the door.

But no matter what, so teachers are better than others. And that’s what this post is about.

Although many instructors like Todd Mahovlich who has now become a Victoria Real Estate Agent have no moved on, there are still plenty of great teachers out there.

Here’s my list of the best in Victoria.

John Randle

John was an accomplished player growing up. He attended the University of Washington on a scholarship. He then played Professionaly on Tours all over the world. But now he shares his knowledge with golfers at Bear Mountain. The results don’t lie, ask anyone who has taken lessons from John and they will say how much their game improved.

Jeff Palmer

Jeff has travelled the world working in the industry and learning from some of the world’s top teaching instructors. Palmer’s approach to coaching his clients is a holistic one based on four main learning pillars: technique, dynamic motion, mental clarity and spiritual well being.

Arlen Wocknitz

Although his playing experience may not be as accoplished as John and Jeff, I saw first hand the amazing results Arlen achieved while working alongside him at Victoria Golf Club. His ability to work with a variety of students really stood out to me.

If you are looking for tips without seeing a golf coach in Victoria, check out my golf instruction blog.