The Best Daycare Facility In Victoria

Finding a daycare provider in Victoria is not something you want to leave until the last minute and depending on where you live starting 6 months before you need it is recommended. Approach it in the same way you would a job search after all you don’t want to entrust the care of your child to just anyone.

Identify Your Priorities

Some parents might  prefer a facility that close to their home while others like it near their place of work. Ask yourself if you want your child around lots of kids in a daycare center or just a few and more likely in a home daycare.

The Visit and Interview

After a few preliminary questions over the phone, for example fees and number of children in the daycare a personal visit is the next step. Meeting the staff and getting a feel for the facility can only be accomplished in person.  Inquire about fees, hours of operation, vacation schedules and how the day is structured, you’ll want to know how issues like discipline, feeding and sleeping are handled. Choosing a facility is a very personal decision and always trust your intuition.

How To Find The Best Daycare in Victoria BC

Daycare operators receive licensing through Island Health and licensing is granted once specific requirements are met and the facility has been inspected. Should any complaints be filed they would be available on the Island Health website.

  1. Asking friends, family and other parents is a good way to get the word out and personal references about a daycare provider are the best kind.
  2. Research online or check the yellow page listings is another way to find possible daycare options.

Searching for quality daycare, one with room for your child and in the location you prefer can be a time consuming process. What if a better option existed where you could search by neighborhood, availability, fees, hours and parent recommendations together in one website? Saving time from searching, calling around to individual daycares, listed with current and up to date information. For daycare operators listing under one umbrella allows prospective clients to review your information online freeing up your time to do what you do best, taking care of those children in your care.

Victoria Daycare is a website dedicated to helping you find the best daycares all over the cities surround neighbourhoods.


The Best Barber Shops In Victoria BC

Trying to find the best barber shops in Victoria BC? Hopefully I can help you with this blog post.

A few years ago I started to think about why I got my haircuts at a salon. I suppose I enjoyed my stylist. When I first moved to Victoria back in 2000, I tried to find a good stylist but didn’t have much luck. One of my friends suggested I go see his stylist and I did. For 5 years I saw the same women. But I started to look at how much my hair cuts were costing me. Once a month I went at a cost of $40 plus a $5 tip. That adds up to $540 a year. I was starting to think maybe I’d be better of going bald!

Not only it was the cost but it was the experience of the salon. I love women, don’t get me wrong. But when you get a salon full of them it’s a bit much for me. That and the pop music wears on me.

Overall, I needed a change and had heard some older friends who went to barbers. I scouted out the barbers they went to but for me, they were a bit too old school. Jimmy’s on Fort and the barber on Oak Bay by the old Bleathering Place tea room were a couple of places.

Like most I took to the web to see what other barber shops in Victoria BC.

One place I found and have been going to for years is Uomo Modern Barber.

Steve is the owner and is a great guy. He earned accreditation from the British Barbers Association. As for the shop, it’s not quite the old school feel but also not the upscale trendy barber that seems to be big these days with hipsters.

At Uomo I can get my hair cut and the back of my neck shaved for $25.

Uomo Modern Barber
1510 Haultain Street
Victoria, BC
V8R 2K2

A few months back I needed a cut real bad and Steve was booked up. I’m on Instagram and search the #yyj hashtag from time to time to see what’s happen in this city. I couldn’t help but notice that another barber shop was tagging their clients hair cuts in Instagram with #yyj. Most of the barbers there were using a #250barbergang hashtag which is smart marketing. One barber in particular seemed caught my eye as his cuts seemed pretty tight and had a lot of detail to them

Status Barber Shop has been around for a few years now. For a while it has had the perception that it was an urban barber. I went in back in November and had a cut from Kane or WolfManTheBarber on Instagram. I’ve had two cuts from him and the attention to detail he’s puts into both cuts are impressive and I’m extremely pleased with my hair.

The shop itself has a good vibe with music playing, lots of barbers and clients. It’s a chill spot to hang out if you have to wait. As for the urban perception, I’ve seen men and women in hear from all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Status Barber Shop
4-1010 Yates St,
Victoria, BC
V8V 3M6