What is the best Window Treatment Store in Victoria BC?

Spring is here and along with a lot of rain, we’ve gotten a fair bit of sun. That means people are more active then ever.

But it also means the sun has been beaming into my home for the last few weeks. I just started working from home and the room where my computer desk is in faces the sun from the early afternoon until dusk. It’s a pain the butt to try and see my computer though.

I’m not complaining that sun is here. Trust me, vitamin D is great.

It’s the fact that the sun glares into my home affecting the work I need to do.

I tried a few different things like drapes and blinds. But I still wanted to be able to see outside and not totally be blocked out.

A few months back I remember hearing about glare resistant motorized blinds in Victoria. I thought that might be a nice option. You’ve probably seen them at restaurants like the Brentwood Bay lodge. Places like that need those blinds as they face the sun and it can get hard to see when the sun is shining all day.

I contacted the folks at the Brentwood Bay lodge and asked who sold and installed their blinds. They said it was Rodco Interiors.

Within a few days I had heard back from the people at Rodco and started talking about options for my home and keeping the sun out. Although they had plenty of window treatments,  I ended up buying then glare resistant blinds I liked.

So far they are working great. Now I can see my laptop screen during the day and watch tv without having the sun glare of either.

So if you have the same issue, contact Roger and Field at Rodco Interiors.