Best Countertop Store Victoria BC

Last year my best friends went through a massive renovation. They live in Saanich so the house was from the last 60’s. I lived there for a while back in 2006. It needed a reno back then bad.

But they only would have had the money to do about 35% of what they wanted. Instead they waited until last year when the time was right financially.

It was smart move. Their home looks like a million dollar dream home inside.

New hardwood floors, mouldings, and a brand new kitchen are some of the highlights. Especially the kitchen and the granite countertops they bought from Abstract Stone.

Abstract offers marble, quartz and granite. My friends choose a really nice black granite. They weren’t sure about this decision in the beginning because of how blemishes might show if they don’t care for them. But Brendan Carson the owner was very helpful and educated them on how to properly care and get the most out of their countertops.

I was just over there last weekend for a get together. I always marvel at what a fantastic job Brendan did cutting and fabricating their countertops. My friends are tough to please and they’re happy with how they turned out as they had some custom cuts and fabrication requirements.

But their needs were exceeded.

So if you’re looking for countertops in Victoria, check out Brendan at Abstract Stone on Glanford.