Best Tax Lawyers In Victoria BC

Looking for the best tax lawyers in Victoria BC? Read on and we’ll

Often a person thinks of starting their own business inspired by an idea or the desire to be their own boss. While it’s not for everyone it can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience. Certainly there is steep learning curve and suddenly you need the advice of professionals you may never have dealt with before. Someone to help with the bookkeeping, an accountant or even a tax lawyer because let’s face it you can’t possibly do everything yourself.

Hiring a bookkeeper or accountant may be obvious, you may wonder why hiring a tax lawyer is a good idea. Canadian tax laws and regulations are complex and undergo changes.  As a business owner it’s not possible to know everything, sometimes it’s better to hire an expert. Especially when dealing with Revenue Canada it’s important to have a tax lawyer on your team. Pleading ignorance of tax laws is not a defence so hiring a lawyer who specializes in tax law could save you money down the road.

If your business is located in one province but ships to other provinces or even exports a tax lawyer will advise you on the different taxes that apply.

Will you be considered an employee or employer or both when deductions are made to your earnings. Distinguishing between contract or regular employees is another area a tax lawyer can assist with.

A tax lawyer can help you optimize your income by making sure you take advantage of any and all deductible business expenses. Travel, vehicle expenses or even treating clients to lunch are another aspect a tax lawyer can prove invaluable.  How will you set up your business, as a sole proprietorship or maybe incorporation, these are other ways a tax lawyer can offer sound advice.

As you can see having a tax lawyer can save you stress which lets you focus on building your business.  To be successful utilize the expertise of professionals, the next step is to be sure to find one of the best tax lawyers in Victoria BC

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Best Accountants In Victoria BC

Are you searching to find out who the best accountants in Victoria BC are? They are so many firms to choose from. We have hand selected one company who was provided great service to Victoria residents and business for years.

As much as you may love your business or your job however it is now, chances are you want to see it continually get better for yourself and for the people who benefit from it. And often in order to improve business services, you need to have your finances organized and used as well as they possibly can be used. Talented people can only do so much without the finances to back them up in Victoria BC, an expensive city to live in considering its small size.

Let’s face it: if you are looking for an accountant, as you might have been when you clicked onto this page, you probably are not a financial wizard. And maybe you have no desire whatsoever to become one. You just don’t have the passion for it, and that’s okay because you have passions for other things. Hopefully you’re getting paid to do one of those passions already. What you need now is someone that you can trust who is passionate and talented when it comes to finances. With that in mind, here’s who we think you should consider when you are looking for accountants in Victoria BC.

MacPherson Adams Chartered Accountants have the experience you need to assist you with a wide range of accounting services. They can assist with corporate and individual taxes, which includes trust & estate tax, sales tax, the preparation of T-slips, and estate planning. They can also manage the preparation of financial statements, payroll and bookkeeping, and assurance engagements. And they do it all while keeping at the front of their minds that your finances are important for your success.

On top of those services, these Victoria accountants can also give you advice–the kind of advice that can play a big role in your future success. Maybe you are thinking of purchasing a business but have little experience with the financial aspects of doing so. Or you might want to sell your current business or form a partnership or joint venture. You have a lot to take into account, some of which you might not have thought of, and MacPherson Adams Chartered Accountants have practical knowledge that they can share with you from their years providing accounting services and just from having the passion for and skills with financial matters.

You should not make light of your decision to get an accountant in Victoria BC. You have a lot of options out there and it’s important that you choose an organization that has passion for the services they provide. We think that considering MacPherson Adams Chartered Accountants as you move forward with your decision making would be a wise move.

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