Best Lighting Stores In Victoria

Many people allow their electricians to buy their lighting products.

This can be a costly mistake. Many electricians markup any materials they buy anywhere from 15-50%!

Often times you can buy those very same materials for almost the same as they are charged. All you have to do is visit these fine lighting stores.


Not many people know about Wesco. They are a lighting and electrical wholesaler buy they do sale to the public. If you’re looking for pot lights, track lighting or any other lighting for your home, Wesco can get anything you want from brands like Cooper Lighting, Juno Lighting, and Philips Lightolier.

For a full range of light products Wesco carries, please visit or contact Jordan Caron at the Victoria branch by email or telephone at 250-382-7265.

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Albrite Lighting

Albrite sales all types of lighting accessories and lamps. Most of the lamps they stock are for various residential lighting fixtures. They do have a $25 minimum charge for those customers who do not have an account.

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McLaren Lighting

McLaren has far more residential lighting fixtures than Alrbite. However they don’t stock many bulbs and lamps.

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Illuminations is much like McLaren as they tend to stock a lot of fixtures.

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