Best Stairlifts Contractor In Victoria BC

100,000 elderly people are treated for fall injuries every year, and 1,000 die from stair injuries every year. Stairlifts, are the solution to this problem. Stairlifts are a mechanical device for transporting people up and down stairs. It’s basically a chair that you can sit in, that is attached to a rail; a person sits in the chair and is lifted up or down the stairs. They are also known as stair climbers, stair gliders or chair lifts.

But you know a lot of about them already and are looking for who the best stairlifts contractor in Victoria BC.

They were created in the 1930’s and actually made for people who suffered from polio. Today they are used in homes of people who are elderly and struggle getting up and down the stairs. They are also used by those who have been severely injured or disabled. As such, stair lifts are very popular here in Victoria BC, as many seniors call this city home.

Modern day stairlifts are a lot safer than in the past, and more widely used. Stair Lifts can be totally customized to the user, from seat height, call stations, speed governor and the seat belt lengths. Once it is installed it is very simply to use, even for very elderly people who may not be considered that technologically gifted. If the stair lift is not operating correctly, they usually have cutout switches, which just deactivates the power so safety should not be a concern for you.

Victoria, BC is not known to have overly tall buildings with an outrageous amount of stairs, but business and homeowners should still consider installing these useful pieces of equipment into their homes. They are also great if you have something very heavy and relatively compact that you do not want to hull up your staircase yourself.

If you think a stairlifts in your Victoria home or business would make life easier for you or those around you, please contact Home Elevators of BC and their stairlifts sales, installs and servicing.

Best Gas Fireplaces & Wood Stoves Seller in Victoria BC

Not much can beat coming in from the rainy or cold weather outside and starting up a fire to warm up in front of. It’s a great chance to curl up on the couch with your family around you and enjoy the flame.

You might not have a gas fireplace or wood stove in your place currently, or maybe your current one is old and looks out-of-date or just does not work as efficiently or safely as you would like it to. This can be a big purchase to make, so you need to find a business that provides both great quality and products and excellent customer service when it comes to installation and servicing. Here’s who we think is the best gas fireplaces & wood stoves seller in Victoria BC.

Flametech Heating provides selling, installation, and servicing of wood stoves and gas fireplaces of many different brands, which means they are knowledgeable on what they sell. Picking the right model for your home is important, which is why you need to make a purchase from a business that really cares about the products they sell and about you as their customer. The testimonials on their website show that this is a company that puts in that extra effort to sell products that work well for what customers want from their new wood stove or gas fireplace.

Flametech make themselves available on evenings and weekends, so you can trust that even in the busy seasons they can try to find a time that will allow you to find out what they have available and allow them to see your place to help you with your choice. This is great for the many people, perhaps including you, who have busy schedules that won’t slow down just because you want to purchase a new wood stove or gas fireplace.

Along with the difficulty of choosing the best product, getting the installation process to run smoothly can also be a challenge, unless you go with the best business to get the job done. You need the installers to follow all relevant BC building codes and you need them to be diligent with keeping the installation as tidy as possible during and after the work is complete. Flametech has shown to offer this to their customers, if their posted testimonies are an indication of the quality of the service that they provide.

Get in touch with them if you want the best seller of gas fireplaces & wood stoves in Victoria BC.

FlameTech Heating

Gas Stove   Wood Fireplaces Victoria BC   FlameTech Heating

Call 778-977-3473 for a free estimate


Best Residential Elevators Victoria BC

Victoria is a city made up of diverse people, from retired folks who have come here from other parts of the country to students to young families who are just starting out. Whatever your situation is, you want to be able to enjoy living in this beautiful city whether you’re out or you’re at home. Home elevators are an increasingly popular way to make homes more accessible, both for those who have mobility limitations and for others who would just like some assistance with everyday tasks like bringing the laundry or groceries to different floors of the home.

They’re also a great way to increase your home’s value, which is especially relevant to homes in Victoria–so many people come here to retire for the mild weather. A home elevator might be just the thing that makes an older couple take an interest in your home. So, who can you count on to provide you with a great home elevator? Here is who we think has the best home elevators in Victoria BC.

Home Elevators of BC sells, installs, and services various types of elevators, including stair lifts, dumb waiters, vertical platform lifts, and custom elevators. If you’re not sure which type will work with your home, they are very knowledgeable on the benefits of each one and are able to customize most of the types for your needs.

They also offer environmentally friendly options and pre owned elevators. They know that a home elevator should be able to fit with the rest of your home, so they put in the effort to getting you matched with a home elevator that will be useful for you and also aesthetically pleasing, if that is something that’s important for you.

For the best home elevators in Victoria BC, contact Home Elevators of BC at their Vancouver Island location.

Home Elevators of BC

714 Skyview Pl, Victoria, BC

V9B 6G5

Tel: (250) 658-3838

Best Mold Removal Company in Victoria BC

Dealing with mold is an unpleasant task that should not be avoided, but many of us might believe that ignorance is bliss when it comes to considering the harmful effects of it. Some people will have stronger reactions to mold than others when it first appears in a household or workplace, for sure. But it should not be taken for granted that long-term exposure to mold can have negative consequences on the health of even those who appear immune to it now. If you came here from a search for mold removal companies in Victoria BC, you’ve already recognized the importance of getting this task done right. That’s a good start to reaching the best solution.

If you’ve had a mold problem before, maybe you have seen or even used chemical products for mold removal sold in the cleaning or painting aisles of stores. Those options are out there, but there’s something about mold removal that seems more suited to completion by professionals. Something that could have a big effect on your health should be taken seriously, right? So here is who we think is the best mold removal company in Victoria BC.

Hazpro Environmental has been in business since 2008 and they have an educated, experienced team of professionals available for mold removal. This includes an environmental scientist and project managers that have received training with the International Committee of the Red Cross in water damage restoration and microbial remediation.

Of course, whenever you go to a professional for a service you may wonder how much it will end up costing and whether you can have some say in the matter so you don’t have to pay for things that you don’t need. The great news with Hazpro is that they provide you with flexibility for choosing what they do in your home or business. Once they have determined what could be done for mold removal, they will give you tiered options for fixing the mold problem. You can pick the option that best fits with your goals and your budget.

Along with their free estimates, these are just a few reasons why Hazpro is the best company for mold removal in Victoria BC.

Hazpro Environmental

Mold Removal Companies Victoria BC

355 Catherine Street

Victoria, B.C.

V9A 3S9

Phone: 250-891-4977


Best Roofing Contractors in Vancouver BC

When it is time to get roof repairs or replacements completed, you need roofers that you can trust. There is a lot of competition out there in a city like Vancouver, and often it is difficult to figure out who the best contractors are on your own.

Your roof might have a few leaks or its shingles might be in poor shape, whether from wear and tear over the years or from a recent wind storm. Whatever the case may be, you want Vancouver roofing contractors who will be honest with you about what needs to be fixed, who know what they are doing, and who will give you the fairest prices and guarantees. So based on this criteria, who are the best roofing contractors in Vancouver BC?

Kanga Roofing will provide everything that you are looking for. They have solid technical experience as a whole and are backed by their lead foreman, Dan, who has over twenty years of experience in the industry. On top of that, friendly customer service and respect for you is standard for them. They will provide you with a plan of what they will do with your roof as well as an estimate, because they want you to understand what they are working on and know upfront what they expect the costs to be.

We all know that sometimes unexpected work and costs come up, of course, so Kanga Roofing has you covered when this occurs too. They will not start any work outside of what they informed you of, until they have spoken to the homeowner. Warranties are important for roof repair and replacements too, and Kanga Roofing makes it simple for you by giving you completed forms for warranty after they are finished with your roof.

Kanga Roofing makes the whole process easy for regular people who don’t necessarily know much about house repairs and just want to know that their home is in good hands. It is worth it to give them a call or send an email for a free estimate.

best roofing contractors vancouver

Kanga Roofing

9662 161a Street

Surrey, BC

V4N 2E7

(604) 240–9510


Best Bathroom Renovations Contractor Victoria BC

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it has big importance for keeping your family and your guests comfortable. You have probably used friends’ or businesses’ bathrooms that were not well maintained or felt outdated and it changed your impression of the whole place. If your bathroom does not use its limited space as well as it can, you might find that it constantly feels crowded, especially if you have kids or teenagers who each have their own products that are competing for space.

Even if everything works as it should in your bathroom, a renovation can help a lot. Bringing a contractor into the home can feel like an inconvenience if it is not necessary, though. But if you are still reading this, you are probably looking for a way out of your current bathroom situation and want the best Victoria BC bathroom renovations contractor that you can actually count on. You want pleasant customer service and efficient, skilled labour. Here is who we think you should consider for your bathroom renovations project.

Toolbox Renovations was started in 2005 by Steve Burgess, who has 20 years of experience with residential renovations and is a certified journeyman carpenter. He thrives on providing good customer service by meeting with you to discuss what you need and then providing a contract and estimate for you to consider before he gets started. And he has strong alliances with professionals who may need to be involved with your bathroom renovations such as plumbers and electricians.

He can do a variety of things with your little space, including using mirrors to make the room feel bigger, updating your bathroom to look more modern, removing large wall elements such as mirrors to give you more space, installing a heated tile floor, adjusting the lighting, painting the walls, installing recessed storage spaces, and replacing your bathtub, toilet, and sink. He can also do bigger renovations if you have specific problems that need to be addressed.

A good bathroom renovations contractor in Victoria knows that they are not working alone but with other professionals and with you, the homeowner. Keeping open communication will make the project go smoothly, even when problems arise as they inevitably do. We recommend you keep Toolbox Renovations on the top of your list for your bathroom renovation.

Toolbox Renovations

Bathroom renovations Victoria BC
1118 McBriar Ave
Victoria, BC
V8X 3M6
Phone: 778-677-1036

Best Basement Renovations Contractor Victoria BC

On hot days in Victoria BC, your greatest wish might be to be able to relax in your basement and cool off from the heat. But if you came here from a search engine for renovations, your basement might need to be worked on before it can be used for whatever its intended purpose is for you.

A basement could be a lot of things for you. A work space, a play area for kids or adults (what other space works better than it for a pool table or dartboard?), an extra spot to put a TV and a couch, a suite to rent out. A basement can also have a lot of problems going on with it. If you are in an older house in particular, you might have some mildew or structural problems that you don’t even know about. So if you are looking for a Victoria BC basement renovations contractor, you need someone who has the experience needed to make your basement look liveable as well as to take it up to current structural standards. Someday you will want to sell your house and getting all the work done now to give it the highest value possible will save you time later. At the same time, you want a contractor that is pleasant to be around and will be honest with what they can do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

With all of that in mind, we recommend Toolbox Renovations for your basement renovations. They have been in business since 2005 and the man who started it, Steve Burgess, has been a certified journeyman carpenter for 20 years. He has solid experience in getting the renovations done, the knowledge on relevant municipality laws that you need to know, strong alliances with plumbers and electricians, and a commitment to communicating with you about the process.

His process with basement renovations is to speak with you and the electricians and plumbers that he works with all together before the actual work gets started. This makes it so everyone is on the same page. When your renovations are being completed, you need a plan in place to keep the temperature controlled down there as well as to have other practical elements taken care of. Instead of rushing to get a job done, the team takes into account everything that will be affected by the renovations, before they start the work. This is why we think Toolbox Renovations is worth your consideration for your basement renovations.

Toolbox Renovations

1118 McBriar Ave

Victoria, BC

V8X 3M6

Phone: 778-677-1036

Email: info@toolboxrenos.com


Best Asbestos Removal Victoria BC

Summer is here in beautiful Victoria BC and if you’re like many Victorians, you might be looking forward to all of the warm weather perfect for beach days and walks along the Inner Harbour. But of course, you probably still have important tasks to get done at home and work, and some of these tasks won’t fit with your carefree summer attitude.  If you’ve read the title of this post, you know what’s coming next: asbestos removal.

Asbestos is a dangerous material that you most likely don’t want to be around. You don’t want it to be in your home or business and you don’t want to have to deal with getting it out if it is there. Not to be a downer, but asbestos can cause mesothelioma cancer and Canada has one of the highest rates of it in the world. This is why you might be searching for the best asbestos removal company in Victoria BC.

This is serious business, and you need a professional to do the job. A professional will have the right training, protection, and tools.

When picking someone for the job, you want to be able to trust that the workers can get all of the asbestos removed from the property. You’ve got a few companies to choose from in Victoria and it’s important that you take into consideration the company’s experience and professional reputation when making a decision. Here is who we believe is the best company to choose from.

Here’s one option you can consider: Hazpro Environmental. They have been in business since 2008 and have done work for CFB Esquimanlt, the Department of National Defense, the Victoria Police Department, and others, so you can trust them for asbestos removal in your business.

Hazpro Environmental also provides free estimates for the removal of vermiculite asbestos, which is found in older homes in their attics. You could have difficulty getting your home insured if you have this type of asbestos around. It will not immediately pose a health risk to you, but you don’t want to have to pay extra for insurance—or risk having an insurance company refuse you. It could also lower the value of your home, according to Hazpro.

Hazpro makes the process of removal in the home cheaper and quicker than it traditionally has been. A job that used to involve bagging the asbestos by hand and taking it through the home can now be completed with Hazpro’s Hazvac machine. The machine goes through a roof vent and sucks the material out. Then it can be bagged outside. Less expensive, less time-consuming, and less invasive of your home.

Hazpro Environmental is an option worth checking out when you need asbestos removal in Victoria BC.

HAZPRO Environmental Ltd

355 Catherine Street
Victoria, B.C. V9A 3S9

Local: 250. 891. 4977
Fax: 250. 220. 2252


Best House Painters Victoria BC

Spring is in full affect here in Victoria BC. In a lot of ways it feels like summer with temps hitting the mid 20’s. The nice weather is making for people to look after their homes. Lots of gardening is done in the spring and summer. Many people are doing home renovations since they can work longer hours due to the longer days.

Many of those renovations are focused on painting and many people are looking for house painters in Victoria BC. That was why I thought it would be good to write a post about the best residential painters in the city.

It’s so hard to find out which painting company is the best in the city since they are so many. From small companies to big companies, you certainly have plenty of choices. But sometimes the paradox of choice can affect your decision making process. With too many choices we often get clouded and make the wrong decision.

Well we want to add another choice and option for you. The company is Moloney Painting and they have been doing business in the Greater Victoria area for 16 years. They have a great reputation and the business owner Paul Moloney is at the front of center. He personally comes to your home to give you a free quote and to run you through how his company works. This is a great way to build trust so you can feel comfortable about the job his team will do.


Moloney Painting

1128 Faithwood Place

Victoria BC, V8X-4Y6


Moloney Painting Better Business Bureau A+ rating

When it comes to choosing the right painter, you have lots of information at your disposable. You can read company websites, get testimonials from friends and read reviews online. In the end you have to meet with your contractor so you can get a sense if your trust them or not. Just because lots of other people had a good experience with a contractor, doesn’t mean you will.

I hope this post allows you to consider Moloney Painting for your house painting project this summer in Victoria BC.


Best Storage Facility Victoria BC

There are lots of storage facilities in the city to choose from. But what one is the best storage facility in Victoria BC? Read on to find out.

At some point you are going to need to store some items at a facility. Whether you are downsizing your home, going through or home renovation or just need to de-clutter the home a bit, you’ll need one. That’s what brings you here.

U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria

I was first introduced to the concept of mobile storage years ago when a company out of the United States sponsored a basketball tournament. The company was called PODS and what they did was bring a storage pod to your home. You would then load it up and when finished, call the company and they would pick it up.

Well, that is exactly how U-Pak Mobile Storage Victoria works. Not having to drive to the storage facility is one advantage of U-Paks storage service. But what else?

They use metal instead of wood storage units. If you care about your belongings going into the facility, you will want to be sure to store them in a wood unit. Why? Because metal units are air tight containers. This means if any moisture gets into the container, it can cause mould and can start to decay any items inside. Using wood units allows your belongings to breathe and if you are worried about them being waterproof, the units are wrapped in vinyl.

Another reason why U-Pak is the best storage facility in Victoria is that they store the wood units in their heated warehouse. Other storage facilities store them outside which means the temperatures will fluctuate throughout the year.

If those aren’t enough reasons to choose U-Pak for your storing needs, they also have the cheapest prices in town. That’s right. Their rates start at $89 a month.

Lastly, they are located just in Esquimalt which makes this very accessible shall you need to access your storage unit. Many facilities in the city are located well outside of Victoria making it a pain having to go to your unit.


So there you have it. The best storage Victoria BC facilities is without a doubt U-Pak Mobile Storage.

U-Pak Mobile Storage

878 Viewfield Rd

Victoria, BC