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5 Best Ways to Get from Vancouver to Victoria

Although Victoria is only a 90-minute boat ride from the lively city of Vancouver, it may seem that it’s a world away. Compared to its neighbouring vibrant city, Victoria emanates a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Victoria is situated in the southern part of the Vancouver Island and the city remains profoundly rooted in its Colonial history, delighting in typical traditions from Britain such as afternoon tea and a pint at the pub.

In spite of its quaint atmosphere, the city attracts a number of tourists and travellers with amazing museums that showcase its aboriginal history, fascinating architecture and one-of-a-kind views of the harbour. If you are wondering how you can get to Victoria from Vancouver, here are a number of options:

BC Ferries

BC Ferries, short for British Columbia Ferry Services, is famous for their safety, amazing scenery when you travel. They have a wide range of communities that reach up to 47 ports of call that line along the coast of Canada and British Columbia. They are considered as the main provider of coastal ferry services in the area. You can always check their website or call them for the daily travel schedules.

Pacific Coach Lines

If you want to ride the bus, then the Pacific Coach Lines is your best option. They have been the staple bus service company that has continued to contribute to British Columbia’s transportation and tourism development. They carry roughly 500,000 passengers each year that go to and fro Vancouver and Victoria.

Harbour Air

Another great way to go Victoria from Vancouver is traveling by seaplane and there is no other amazing provider in the area when it comes to seaplanes than Harbour Air. They are considered as the world’s largest seaplane airline, boasting their safe and enjoyable flights. The airline offers scheduled services, tours and charter airline with bases in British Columbia, Canada, and Richmond. If you want to know their flight schedules or book a flight with them, simply go to their website or any authorized ticketing office.

V2V Vacations

A recent addition to the means of transportation that goes to Victoria from Vancouver is the luxurious V2V. It’s a cruise that operated daily and offers Premium Comfort, First Class and Royal Class travel along with onboard amenities like a plated 3-course meal, leather seats and more. Traveling from Victoria to Vancouver through V2V would take you three and a half hours.

Helijet Airways

Flying with Helijet Airways is another option for travellers who want to see amazing sights as they are flying. The helicopter ride normally takes around 35 minutes. Helijet Airways offers a number of flights every day between Victoria and Vancouver. The airway has a promo that gives one kid, 12 years or younger, to fly free with a paying adult. Make sure to book a flight with them in advance to avail this promo.

Once one Vancouver Island you must do a sightseeing tour with CVS Tours.

Best Sightseeing Tour Company in Victoria BC

When you’re searching for a local tour company most will be able to accommodate smaller groups. However when you require transport for larger groups, CVS Tours is one of the few sightseeing tours in Victoria BC that are able to provide for both smaller and larger groups. Another feature that sets CVS Tours apart is every coach in their fleet has the same standard of luxury, quality and look. A fleet of new  style Prevost coaches that look the same inside as they are on the outside, CVS Tours will never disappoint. Anytime you require coaches to move a large number of guests CVS Tours offers on site dispatch that make it possible and stress free.

A large number of conventions are held in BC’s beautiful capital of Victoria. And often spouses will accompany a delegate. If your convention offers a spouse program CVS Tours can entertain the spouses while delegates are hard at work. Tailor made for the groups’ individual interest a sightseeing trip might include the world famous Butchart Gardens tour, a wine tour in the Cowichan Valley or touring Craigdarroch Castle. Enjoy ocean views along Dallas Road, maybe a stop at Ross Bay Cemetry, through stately Oak Bay to Fisherman’s Wharf  the possibilities are many and varied. Does your ski club or golf group require private transportation, CVS Tours can get you there safely keeping the group together.

When you need transportation to a sporting event, convention or conferences or maybe it’s shuttle services between venues is needed, CVS Tours can fulfill your requirements. GPS satellite service based dispatch is another option CVS Tours offer that enable clients to easily track a tour’s progress whether it’s across town or across the country.

CVS Tours have the ability to accommodate a group of any size with their modern, clean fleet of over 18 coaches. Tailor made tours locally or across the company make CVS Tours the company you want to contact for small or larger groups we handle it all.

sightseeing tours victoria bc

CVS Tours
721 Government St
Victoria, BC

Best Victoria BC CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Monitoring the security of your home or business has come a long way from those grainy images in years past. With the crystal clear pictures available with HD you have the ability to see what’s happening on your property at all times whether it’s your home or business or both. Offering continuous recording every move is recorded which translates into more security. For the home you can see who’s at the front door any cars parked in your driveway and see when your children arrive safely home after school.

Security Cellular Plus’ HD CCTV video surveillance options provide information instantaneously via your mobile device.  For use indoors or outdoors, wired or wireless allow you to customize your personal needs and give you peace of mind knowing your family and belongings are safe and secure in your home or business.

Choose from the different options available to customize your security system with the best HD CCTV cameras in Victoria BC.

  • Infrared Cameras – Provides the ability to see images clearly at night especially in those dark corners.
  • HD Quality – The crystal clear picture with an HD camera helps identify any intruders
  • Remote View Access – Using your mobile device, laptop or ipad you can view any activity that happens when you’re not on the premises.
  • Motion Activated Recording – Minimize storage space with a motion activated recording device which also makes it easier to find events.
  • E-Mail or Texting Notifications – You’re kept informed when you’re away.
  • Multiple Views – This feature gives you the ability to view more than one location at the same time, for example your primary residence and your vacation home even your boat.
  • Expandable Systems – Should the need arise you can always add more cameras at any time.
  • Video Storage – With several ways of keeping footage from traditional hard drive NVR storage, local individual camera SD storage or cloud range your storage is fully customizable to your requirements.

Give Security & Cellular a call and discover the many ways to customize your security system, servicing clients in Saskatoon and Victoria BC.

Alarms Victoria BC

Security & Cellular LTD
426-800 Kelly Rd
Victoria, BC

Best Alarm Systems in Victoria BC

When it comes to safety, a security system is a personal preference among many homeowners and business owners. Having a security system installed in your property provides peace of mind as there is assurance that your family or your business is protected.

With a wide range of security alarm systems available in the market presently; it can be quite hard to choose the most reliable one.

Below are top 4 security systems provider in Victoria BC:

Security & Cellular

Best Alarm Systems Victoria BC

Security & Cellular has been helping residents and business owners in Saskatoon be safe for over 20 years. They now offer the same safety and alarms in Victoria BC. They offer a wide range of security and alarms for homes and businesses.

Price’s Alarms – Security Systems

Price’s Alarm Security is one of Canada’s oldest security provider. It is owned and founded by the Price family as locksmith way back 1895. From humble beginnings, they ventured into the alarm security systems business. Presently, they are considered as the biggest independent alarm systems provider in western Canada, covering areas in Vancouver Island, Edmonton, Lower Mainland, and Okanagan.

Presently, Price’s Alarm Security Systems is gaining popularity in British Columbia and is continuing to grow and expand all over BC. They offer services such as burglar alarms for residential or commercial units, environmental alarms, security systems design, medical alert systems and fire and elevator monitoring.

Nova Integrated Systems Ltd.

Nova Integrated Systems is a security provider that offers installation and consultation. They have 40 years of experience in the field of security and other related fields.

They can work on residential, commercial or industrial units. They offer services such as CCTV Installation and services, Integration with 3rd party systems, security consultation, Access Control Systems Installation and Services and Security System Design.

Victoria Alarm Service Ltd.

Victoria Alarm Service provider serves Victoria BC and the surrounding area with security systems. They utilize Honeywell in providing home or business units with security protection.

They use the all-in-one home control systems by Honeywell in residential home security. They boast of their Honeywell security products for its quality alarm systems capabilities.

Victoria Alarm Service has various products to offer. They have their famous Total Connect Remote Services from Honeywell that utilizes the Internet alarm communications and can remotely connect with your locks, lights, temperature control and more. They can also create customized solutions depending on your need, like letting you remotely control your security systems with your smartphone.

The Best Daycare Facility In Victoria

Finding a daycare provider in Victoria is not something you want to leave until the last minute and depending on where you live starting 6 months before you need it is recommended. Approach it in the same way you would a job search after all you don’t want to entrust the care of your child to just anyone.

Identify Your Priorities

Some parents might  prefer a facility that close to their home while others like it near their place of work. Ask yourself if you want your child around lots of kids in a daycare center or just a few and more likely in a home daycare.

The Visit and Interview

After a few preliminary questions over the phone, for example fees and number of children in the daycare a personal visit is the next step. Meeting the staff and getting a feel for the facility can only be accomplished in person.  Inquire about fees, hours of operation, vacation schedules and how the day is structured, you’ll want to know how issues like discipline, feeding and sleeping are handled. Choosing a facility is a very personal decision and always trust your intuition.

How To Find The Best Daycare in Victoria BC

Daycare operators receive licensing through Island Health and licensing is granted once specific requirements are met and the facility has been inspected. Should any complaints be filed they would be available on the Island Health website.

  1. Asking friends, family and other parents is a good way to get the word out and personal references about a daycare provider are the best kind.
  2. Research online or check the yellow page listings is another way to find possible daycare options.

Searching for quality daycare, one with room for your child and in the location you prefer can be a time consuming process. What if a better option existed where you could search by neighborhood, availability, fees, hours and parent recommendations together in one website? Saving time from searching, calling around to individual daycares, listed with current and up to date information. For daycare operators listing under one umbrella allows prospective clients to review your information online freeing up your time to do what you do best, taking care of those children in your care.

Victoria Daycare is a website dedicated to helping you find the best daycares all over the cities surround neighbourhoods.


Best Victoria BC Dispensary

Do you suffer from chronic pain, epilepsy or are you doing your best to get through cancer treatments? It’s not a secret anymore that medical marijuana can ease the symptoms of all types of ailments, but where does a person start? The world of medical marijuana can be so confusing, because there is so much grey area, what’s legal and what isn’t? More importantly what’s a quality product and what isn’t? And where does a person find it?

At Farmacy we can help you with the whole process, starting with an online appointment with a healthcare professional, obtaining a MMPR card and lastly supplying quality medical marijuana products in a legal and safe manner. We’ve worked out all the kinks in the process and have a system that works really well for our patients. It’s for this reason, we are considered the best Victoria BC Dispensary.

You may have heard the news recently, about the large corporation Loblaws beginning the steps to becoming a medical marijuana dispensary. But the medical marijuana industry is not the place for large pharmaceutical corporations, it’s an alternative modality that needs to remain connected to it’s patients. The best dispensary in Victoria will build relationships with their patients by supplying an effective, safe product.

In today’s world safety couldn’t be more important. We at Farmacy pride ourselves on great product from growers that are experts in their craft, with many years experience. Medical marijuana has been around a lot longer than most people realize and it’s because of it’s effectiveness in providing relief to so many people that it has grown in popularity. We’ve been working with growers who have a proven track record over the years. We know exactly what goes into our products and guarantee it’s healthy and safe.

Our online format is the main reason we have become the best dispensary in Victoria. Our attentiveness to our patients allows anyone to complete the whole process from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

3055A Scott St
Victoria BC
V8R 4J9

Best Victoria BC Eyelash Extension Studio

Eyelash extension are relatively new to Canada so it’s important to do your research and know you’re getting an experienced eyelash artist. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for a student with this type of procedure. But how do you find the best eyelash studio in Victoria? Simple, talk to your girlfriends and they’ll quickly refer you to us.

At Studio Kanti we have years of experience and focus solely eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading In Victoria BC. Because we only do these two procedures we don’t spend time learning other procedures and have gained the necessary experience to call ourselves experts in eyelash extensions.

If you’re going to shop around for the best Victoria eyelash extension studio you’ll want to have some information ahead of time. Some of the questions to ask are: What type of glue is used? Anything containing formaldehyde should be avoided. How long does procedure take? It should take about 2 hours, any large variance from that would be a red flag. The procedure takes time to look realistic, but too much time you might be dealing with an amateur. How long do they last? Typically 6-8 weeks, but it varies from person to person. If you’re told they last more than 6-8 weeks you’re being sold a lie. Is it painful? With an experienced technician you shouldn’t experience any pain. However in rare cases people are allergic to the adhesive- so if you experience any burning or watery eye, you may be allergic. Lastly, make sure they are certified.

Do you want the lovely long lashes you see in the movies, everyday when you wake up in the morning without having to daily makeup application? Beautiful doe eyes are easy and affordable for anyone. Imagine waking up in the morning with eyelashes like Adele!

Give us a call or visit our website or facebook page for photos and reviews that prove we are the best eyelash extension studio in Victoria!

Studio Kanti
1071 Fort St
Victoria BC
V8V 5A1

What’s The Best Hot Yoga Studio In Victoria

Self care is becoming increasingly important for those who lead fast paced, stressful lives and those wanting to improve their overall health.Yoga has rapidly become one of the leading ways people of all ages are choosing to achieve this. This may lead you to search for the best hot yoga studio in Victoria. Here’s a list on what to look for and why you’ll find The Yoga Loft.

Classes that fit your schedule. Yoga classes may be offered at your gym but you want something that fits your schedule. At the Yoga Loft we have classes that work with your life from morning classes right through the evening every day.

Teachers. Our teachers come from many walks of life and often discovered the benefits of yoga as a result of injury or illness themselves. Others have seen it as a part of a healthy lifestyle each with their personal reasons have decided to become teachers.

Why choose. We offer regular and hot yoga classes – hot yoga is not recommended for younger children especially. Our schedule offers both and you’ll find classes for beginners as well.

Childcare services. You’ll enjoy peace of mind as your child has games, puzzles and books to read and our childcare ladies will be fully engaged with your child. Our child care room receives a thorough cleaning weekly note that childcare is not available at all times.

Option, options. Yoga Loft offers you lots of choices whether it’s a drop in or you might want to take advantage of our one month for $39 intro which includes mat and towel rental. Monthly, 3 month and annual memberships are available to choose from check out our website for more information.

The benefits of yoga are many if you’re searching for a way of reducing your stress and increasing your energy. It’s ability to improve spinal flexibility and a person’s health has long been recognized. The aerobic workout aids in expanding lung capacity and strengthening your heart, isn’t it time you tried yoga?

Yoga Loft

Unit 201 – 2657 Wilfert Rd.
Colwood, BC
V9B 5Z3

Best Custom Home Builders In Victoria BC

When you’re searching for the best custom home builders in Victoria you might assume it’s only about their qualifications. First and foremost you want a builder who is committed the highest level of customer satisfaction and is there every step of the way to make your dream a reality.

Finding the best of the best. Residents in a city the size of Victoria will have builders with many years of experience along with a good reputation. So look to customer testimonials and by all means ask for references from other clients. Possibly the builder is the recipient of some local awards which can demonstrate the quality of their work.

Experience. You want a builder with lots of experience and not just building homes but custom homes to suit the buyers specialized requirements. The high end finishes on custom homes require that custom builders employ very skilled tradesmen. It takes years for builders of custom homes to gain the experience so you can be assured they’ll be there to stand behind their warranties.

Integrity. The best custom home builder is one who demonstrates a high level of honesty and integrity in every interaction. Everything is clearly stated in your contract from materials to completion dates.

What sets a custom builder apart. Many homes are built on speculation which simply put is a home build to general specification and not for a specific client. Custom home builders are different in that the home their building is to suit one particular person’s vision. Often these home are built to a high standard and quality of workmanship.

The best custom builder for you. Everyone has an opinion about the best custom home builder in Victoria, there are as many opinions as there are people. So how do you choose the best one for getting that dream home or renovation done? Ask your family and friends if there’s a builder they have dealt with and would recommend. Online is a good place to look for reviews but probably your best bet is customer testimonials. Often what it comes down to is when you meet with the builder do you have the impression you can work well together. You should have similar ways of communicating and if so ask yourself if this is someone who will work relentlessly to make your dream a reality.

Lida Homes



Best Perimeter Drain Contractors In Victoria BC

Trying to search for the best perimeter drain contractor in Victoria BC?

When you find a moisture problem in your home the cause can sometimes be difficult to narrow down. A leak at the joint in your wall or floor commonly indicates problems with the perimeter drain, foundation or slab. Occasionally the cause is not as easy to detect. The last thing you want to do is guess because that could become very costly.

Finding a rusty drywall screw or mold growth on the baseboard could have a couple of different causes. It could indicate a crack or even a humidity problem within the home which is happening with today’s air tight home envelopes.

Defining the exact cause is one of the best ways to zero in on what’s causing your moisture issues. Having a perimeter drain inspection involves checking the perimeter drains, sometimes called drain tiles. Utilizing devices such as cameras this type of inspection can quickly determine if this is at the root of your problems. Should that be the case and the inspection finds it needs replacement or repairs at Victoria perimeter drains we can help you resolve the issue.

Replacing perimeter drain tile is a detailed operation and includes the following:

  • Pulling permits
  • Removing and replacing any obstacles such as concrete, decks, plants or stairs
  • Cleaning, inspecting and treating the foundation to prevent further leaks
  • Managing municipal inspections
  • Hauling away any debris and finally cleaning the tile

Perimeter drains have to be installed correctly in order to do their job which is to direct water away from you foundation or concrete slab.

To protect your home and even health from the dangers of moisture and leaks it’s best to call a company that has the expertise. Rather than hiring separate contractors isn’t one who can oversee the job from start to finish.

Think of the peace of mind knowing your yard will be returned to it’s former condition.

Contact Wet Coast Drainage Solutions below for more information on their perimeter drains service.

5418 Fowler Road
Victoria, BC
V8Y 1Y3
Phone : 250-889-5478