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Best Patios In Victoria BC

Canoe Brewpub Patio Victoria Bc

Summer is here and in full swing. I’m really behind on this post and it’s been about two months of summer. None the less, there is nothing like grabbing some food, drinks and hanging out with close friends on the best patios in Victoria BC.

Here are list of some on my favorites.

The Local Kitchen

I love the local because it’s a prime spot for people watching and it’s close to the water. Oh, I should also mention that they have some damn good food there too! Be sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat though as their patio gets a lot of sun.

The Local

1205 Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Lido Bistro

Last week was my first time down at Lido and it was great. That patio isn’t as big as The Local or others in town but it’s directly on the harbour. It’s also more spaced our and secluded making it a great spot if you want a touch more privacy. Again, bring suncreen and a hat!

Lido Bistro

1234 S. Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Canoe Brewpub

Canoe might be my favorite patio because it’s massive so you can almost always get a seat. Like Lido it’s also right on the water making a great spot and it too gets sun all day long. The food is great and while i’m not a huge fan of their in house brewed beer, it’s still a good spot for a cocktail.

Canoe Brew Pub

450 Wharf St

Victoria, BC


Hopefully you can get out and enjoy some of Victoria’s best patios for the month of rest of the summer. I know I sure will!

Image courtesy of Coffeefoodies via Flickr.

Best T Shirt Printing Shop in Victoria

The Great Canadian Beer fest is around the corner. It’s a classic Victoria event that takes place at Royal Athletic Park where breweries from all over the Pacific Northwest and even Ontario provide samples of their best beers. The dates for the 2014 event are Friday September 5th and Saturday 6th.

I’ve been to this event a couple of times in the past and enjoyed it. This year tickets sold out super fast. Friends of mine where quick on the ball and snatched a bunch up. They then invited a huge group of people to come. Everyone said yes because who isn’t down for this great event? You’d be silly to miss this so get on UsedVictoria or Craigslist now and get tickets.

As this big group of people was chatting about how excited they are for this years Great Canadian Beer Fest, the idea came up of having personalized tee shirts with some funny sayings on them. You know, inside stuff no one else will get and think we’re weird.

A few weeks went but we all figured out what we wanted. Then I was given the task of finding a t-shirt printing Victoria BC company to get our awesome ideas on some shirts. Pewter Graphics is who we chose as they had the best rates, t shirts and turn around times. We gave them enough time in advance but they did a great job and our visions have been transferred to the shirts.

Now we can roll around the Great Canadian Beer Fest in a big pack with all of our shirts. I’m sure everyone will be starring at us wondering what everything means but we don’t care. We’re only hoping to make eachother laugh with our t shirts Victoria.

If you are looking for a custom embroidery shop in Victoria, contact Pewter Graphics below.

Pewter Graphics

1211 Quadra Street

Victoria, BC


Phone – (250) 370-7077

Best Wedding DJ Service Provider in Victoria BC

Weddings have a lot of key components to them. I’ve yet to be married yet. But I’ve been to my fair share of them and know the planning involved in them.

From choosing the right floral and seating arrangements to deciding where to have your wedding, it can be a lot. Nevermind the fact you are about to tie the know. The last thing you want to do is look for a DJ service provider in Victoria BC. But you have to. That’s why you searched on Google and are now looking for a DJ to set your wedding reception off.

You want people to have a good time and enjoy the reception. So you don’t want a DJ that can’t adapt to the group of people they’re playing for. In my wedding experience, many DJ’s can’t do this. And what happens is a night that not many people enjoy as much as they should.

Your wedding ceremony is something for the both of you to experience. But the reception is for everyone. And I’ve seen a few wedding DJ’s bomb the reception and leave.

But not White Lotus. They have played at two separate weddings that I have been two in the last couple of years and been amazing Both weddings had different demographics but they were able to play to both of them.

They also play at private parties and events so they don’t just do weddings. This is good to know if you plan to host a party and want someone to play a great set of music to keep the vibe of the party upbeat.

You can view their contact details below and get in touch with them if you are looking for a DJ for your wedding or event.

White Lotus DJ & Events

29-250 Russell St
V9A 3X2

Phone: (250) 886-2723

The Best Personal Trainer in Victoria BC


This is my personal story about who I think the best personal trainer in Victoria is. I had been overweight my whole life. You couldn’t tell that by looking at me. I’m almost six feet tall and seemed fairly skinny. But that wasn’t the truth. I was overweight by about 15 pounds for most of my life.

Well, I shouldn’t say most of my life. I managed to lose some weight here and there over the last 15 years.

When I first moved down to Victoria BC from Qualicum, I was almost 218 pounds! It was crazy because I was a great athlete growing up and played all kinds of sports. But my diet was awful. My parents owned a connivence store in Qualicum so I ate like a pig. Chips, pop and chocolate bars were a staple in my diet.

Then cam the road trips for basketball, golf and baseball. We always ate fast food. It wasn’t uncommon for me to pile through 4 Junior Whoppers from Burger King.

I look back at myself and think it was all in my diet. Right after I moved from Qualicum I cut out pop from my diet and instead started drinking water. Huge difference!

I then started going to the gym. After a few months I lost motivation and my weight loss peaked at 10 pounds. Not bad though as I was close to 200.

Then in 2007 I tried this stuff called Isegenix. It’s basically like a slim fast diet where you go for one month having nothing but protein shakes and healthy dinners. At the same time I started riding my bike because my things were huge.

The Isegenix and bike riding helped me big time. I finally got below 200 pounds and down to 198!

Like always though I gained it back on. I’m sure you have experienced the same pattern. You lose some weight then gain it all back by going back to your old habits.

I was stuck in my pattern for another 5 more years. Then in 2012 I was introduced to squash. I had played squash here and there the previous three years but never got hooked. In 2012 though I really become hooked on the athletic workout squash provided. It truly is the best exercise you can get. Plus it’s actually fun unlike running or jogging.

Playing lots of squashed I got down to 192 last summer. But my pattern came back and I gained the weight over this past holiday season and a trip to Hawaii in early January.

Fed up at my weight gain all the way up to 208, I contacted Victoria Personal Trainer Wes Kennedy of Elite Training Programs to get me on the right track once and for all. Wes set me up with the proper diet and work out routine based on my goals and desires.

Three months into this program and I am down to 195! I am committed and motivated to keeping my body and mind in the best possible shape thanks to his routine.

So if you’re like me, please check out Wes Kennedy. Here are his contact details below:

Elite Training Programs

835 View St #1105

Victoria, BC V8W 3W8

(250) 412-5079

The Best Driving School in Victoria

Victoria has plenty of driving schools. But what one is the best? Here’s our personal suggestion.

Back in January we were on vacation in Hawaii. To be able to see Hawaii you must rent a car. Especially Oahu as there is more to see than Waikiki.

We wouldn’t have been able to rent a car and see all Oahu had to offer if it wasn’t for Westshore Driving School.

My girlfriend didn’t bother to get her license when she turned 16. She waited. And waited. Next thing she knew she was 25 and still without a license. She relied on her friends and public transit to get around Victoria.

But knowing were going to Hawaii, she finally wanted to get her license.

So we started seeking out the best driving school in Victoria. That’ when we came across Westshore Driving School. We had seen lots of cars from other companies but we liked the pricing and instructors they had.

It only took my girlfriend a few lessons to get comfortable. Since he was a little older she knew some of the road rules. But she just needed the experience of operating a motor vehicle and to get use to some of the rules she wasn’t aware of.

A couple of weeks after her last lesson, she did her exam and passed easily! Thankfully as were were going to Oahu the next week. We were able to see the great north coast of Oahu and all the great surfing spots up by sunset beach and the pipeline.

So we owe it all to Westshore Driving School. They offer lessons to people of all ages.

Contact them below:

Westshore Driving School

3376 Happy Valley Rd

Victoria, BC

V9C – 2W4



The Best Italian Restaurants in Victoria

fiamo victoria bc

We have a lot of Italian restaurants here in Victoria. I’m a huge fan of Italian and love almost every type of pasta. Of course they don’t compete with the restaurants in Italy but they’re pretty damn close.

Here are the list of the best Italian restaurants in Victoria.


I have only been to Zambri’s a couple of times. But it’s fantastic. I had heard mixed reviews from a few of my friends. It was either amazing of below par. The reviews remind me of movie reviews. Always understand who’s telling you their opinion and keep that in mind.

Zambri’s is very good. The pasta’s I’ve had here are not rich and just the right size. The room itself is very cool. It’s located in the beautiful Atrium building. You can even sit out side the Atrium which provides a cool dining experience.

Zambri’s is great but a little on the pricey side.

Il Terrazo

Here’s another place that took me forever to finally try. My first time was 5 years ago and it’s know on my top places to eat list in the city.

The outside dining area is very cool as well. Overall, the pricing is a little high again but their lunch menu is almost the same and a lot of cheaper. So head there for lunch if it’s your first time.


I’ve been to Fiamo three times in the last two months. It’s that good! The last time I was there I had the butternut squash ravioli. Delicious! The portions are pretty big compared to what you’re paying.

It’s located in a very cool dining room. It use to be a restaurant called Suze and I enjoyed the experience there. That’s probably why I enjoy Fiamo.

Honourable mention goes to Pagliachi’s. Try the Hemmingway pasta.

So there you have what I think are the best Italian restaurants in Victoria BC.

Image courtesy Live Young and Free.

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Victoria


What beats a great morning breakfast out with friends on a Weekend morning?! Usually these occur after a night of tasty beverages and a late sleep in.

The weekend breakfast craze has been huge in Victoria for many years now. Over the last few years though we’ve seen a few places pop up that only offer all day breakfasts. Which is great because each place offers unique menu items and plenty of places to grab a nice breaky meal with friends and family.

So here are the best breakfast spots in Victoria.

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is located in the design district of Victoria on Herald St. The lineups are long for good reason and I suggest to try this place out on a weekday when things are a little slower.

Cabin 12

Cabin 12 was located downtown on Pandora St but I never ate there during that time. It’s only now that I since they’ve moved to Cedar Hill Rd that I’ve been able to enjoy their awesome breakfast menu. You won’t have to deal with long lineups here as they are away from the downtown lineups.

John’s Place

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to John’s Place but it’s always been good. Generous portions at lower prices is what you can expect at John’s.

There are lots of other places like Floyd’s, The Blue Fox and Mole which I’ve only been two once. I like the three choices I’ve listed above and suggest you try those or read reviews online.

Image courtesy of Jen Arr via Flickr.

Who Sells The Best Electronic Cigarettes in Victoria?


A couple of years back I started to see more and more people with these blue things hanging from their mouths. A couple of seconds later I would see a puff of smoke coming out of their mouth.

I wondered what these were. A friend told me they were electronic cigarettes.

That got me thinking what a cool idea. I looked into starting an online shop to sell them since I knew they were going to back.

I didn’t and I am regretting it now! E-cigs and vaping have become very popular. Many discussions are out there saying they don’t help you quit smoking. I’m sure that can be true in same cases. Sellers of electronic cigarettes can’t officially say they will help you quit smoking as per Health Canada.

But all you have to do is ask people who have made the switch to them what benefits they have.

You’ll hear answers like:

“They are far more cheaper then regular cigarettes”

“They have slowed my addiction for nicotine”

“My lungs feel better”

“I can smoke inside my home and it won’t smell”

If you want more just do a search for electronic cigarettes benefits and you’ll see real answers from real users.

These benefits have cause a lot of stores opening up in Victoria who sell them. One of those electronic cigarettes in Victoria stores in Rare Air Cigs. They sell it all.

Starter kits that include an electronic cigarette, e-juice, battery charger and carrying case. It’s a great option for those wanting to make the switch for a low investment. With the prices of a regular pack of cigarettes it’s almost the price of two packs. But it will last much longer than those two packs.

My roommate ordered one of those starter kits and has cut down big time on his smoking. Two months in he still has the same e-juice bottle that cam with his starter kit.

Rare Air Cigs offers free shipping for orders within Canada and are located in Victoria. So shop online from the comfort of your home and don’t worry about having to trek across town to visit all the other electronic cigarette stores in Victoria.

What is the best Window Treatment Store in Victoria BC?

Spring is here and along with a lot of rain, we’ve gotten a fair bit of sun. That means people are more active then ever.

But it also means the sun has been beaming into my home for the last few weeks. I just started working from home and the room where my computer desk is in faces the sun from the early afternoon until dusk. It’s a pain the butt to try and see my computer though.

I’m not complaining that sun is here. Trust me, vitamin D is great.

It’s the fact that the sun glares into my home affecting the work I need to do.

I tried a few different things like drapes and blinds. But I still wanted to be able to see outside and not totally be blocked out.

A few months back I remember hearing about glare resistant motorized blinds in Victoria. I thought that might be a nice option. You’ve probably seen them at restaurants like the Brentwood Bay lodge. Places like that need those blinds as they face the sun and it can get hard to see when the sun is shining all day.

I contacted the folks at the Brentwood Bay lodge and asked who sold and installed their blinds. They said it was Rodco Interiors.

Within a few days I had heard back from the people at Rodco and started talking about options for my home and keeping the sun out. Although they had plenty of window treatments,  I ended up buying then glare resistant blinds I liked.

So far they are working great. Now I can see my laptop screen during the day and watch tv without having the sun glare of either.

So if you have the same issue, contact Roger and Field at Rodco Interiors.

Best Countertop Store Victoria BC

Last year my best friends went through a massive renovation. They live in Saanich so the house was from the last 60’s. I lived there for a while back in 2006. It needed a reno back then bad.

But they only would have had the money to do about 35% of what they wanted. Instead they waited until last year when the time was right financially.

It was smart move. Their home looks like a million dollar dream home inside.

New hardwood floors, mouldings, and a brand new kitchen are some of the highlights. Especially the kitchen and the granite countertops they bought from Abstract Stone.

Abstract offers marble, quartz and granite. My friends choose a really nice black granite. They weren’t sure about this decision in the beginning because of how blemishes might show if they don’t care for them. But Brendan Carson the owner was very helpful and educated them on how to properly care and get the most out of their countertops.

I was just over there last weekend for a get together. I always marvel at what a fantastic job Brendan did cutting and fabricating their countertops. My friends are tough to please and they’re happy with how they turned out as they had some custom cuts and fabrication requirements.

But their needs were exceeded.

So if you’re looking for countertops in Victoria, check out Brendan at Abstract Stone on Glanford.