Best Breakfast Restaurants in Victoria

What beats a great morning breakfast out with friends on a Weekend morning?! Usually these occur after a night of tasty beverages and a late sleep in.

The weekend breakfast craze has been huge in Victoria for many years now. Over the last few years though we’ve seen a few places pop up that only offer all day breakfasts. Which is great because each place offers unique menu items and plenty of places to grab a nice breaky meal with friends and family.

So here are the best breakfast spots in Victoria.

Jam Cafe

Jam Cafe is located in the design district of Victoria on Herald St. The lineups are long for good reason and I suggest to try this place out on a weekday when things are a little slower.

Cabin 12

Cabin 12 was located downtown on Pandora St but I never ate there during that time. It’s only now that I since they’ve moved to Cedar Hill Rd that I’ve been able to enjoy their awesome breakfast menu. You won’t have to deal with long lineups here as they are away from the downtown lineups.

John’s Place

It’s been a few years since I’ve been to John’s Place but it’s always been good. Generous portions at lower prices is what you can expect at John’s.

There are lots of other places like Floyd’s, The Blue Fox and Mole which I’ve only been two once. I like the three choices I’ve listed above and suggest you try those or read reviews online.

Image courtesy of Jen Arr via Flickr.