The Best Attractions in Victoria BC

Last week I had a friend in town from San Diego California. They had never been to Victoria BC and wasn’t sure what kind of attractions we have here. They are even times when I go years before experiencing many of the great attractions and activities in this beautiful city. So this was going to be a great weekend for the both of us as I enjoy being a tourist in my home town.

Butchart Gardens

No matter what time of year you are visiting Butchart Gardens, you will be surely amazed at the beauty of the massive grounds. Growing up two hours away I had seen billboards about Butchart Gardens but never had gone until I was 25. It was in the summer and they had a fireworks display. The flowers, trees and property are amazing. But it’s the events they put on that I enjoy.

The winter is also a great time of year to visit as they have Christmas lights displayed all over the property. So even though the flowers aren’t in bloom in the winter, it’s still a wonderful place to visit.

Beacon Hill Park

Continuing with the outdoors the next best attraction in Victoria BC is Beacon Hill Park. The Gerry Oaks are a plenty here and there are a few great things to do within the park. There is the petting zoo which has all types of animals. A few ponds are close by the petting zoo which means you can feed ducks. If you have kids there is a water play park and playground in the central part of the park.

It may not be the best golf course in Victoria, but there is a fun putting green located close to the petting zoo if you happen to bring your clubs to Victoria.

Beach Drive

I am calling this an attraction because many people drive along Beach Drive because they want to see the beautiful coastline that borders Victoria BC. If you start from James Bay, close to the port where the cruise ships port, you can drive all the way around to the housing area of the Uplands and see some beautiful sites.

If you don’t have a vehicle you can always take a horse and carriage ride around the coastline and towards Beacon Hill Park.

Image courtesy David Herrera