The Best Driving School in Victoria

Victoria has plenty of driving schools. But what one is the best? Here’s our personal suggestion.

Back in January we were on vacation in Hawaii. To be able to see Hawaii you must rent a car. Especially Oahu as there is more to see than Waikiki.

We wouldn’t have been able to rent a car and see all Oahu had to offer if it wasn’t for Westshore Driving School.

My girlfriend didn’t bother to get her license when she turned 16. She waited. And waited. Next thing she knew she was 25 and still without a license. She relied on her friends and public transit to get around Victoria.

But knowing were going to Hawaii, she finally wanted to get her license.

So we started seeking out the best driving school in Victoria. That’ when we came across Westshore Driving School. We had seen lots of cars from other companies but we liked the pricing and instructors they had.

It only took my girlfriend a few lessons to get comfortable. Since he was a little older she knew some of the road rules. But she just needed the experience of operating a motor vehicle and to get use to some of the rules she wasn’t aware of.

A couple of weeks after her last lesson, she did her exam and passed easily! Thankfully as were were going to Oahu the next week. We were able to see the great north coast of Oahu and all the great surfing spots up by sunset beach and the pipeline.

So we owe it all to Westshore Driving School. They offer lessons to people of all ages.

Contact them below:

Westshore Driving School

3376 Happy Valley Rd

Victoria, BC

V9C – 2W4