Best Auto Care Repair Shop In Victoria BC

Car repairs are often costly but necessary–putting one off is not going to help you in the long run. But sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to get repairs completed, especially if you do not know who you can trust. We’ve all heard stories of people being ripped off, of auto technicians completing repairs that were not necessary, or of repair companies not being upfront with how much their services will really end up costing their customers. If you are looking to have your car fixed in a timely fashion, at a reasonable rate, and by someone who has a good reputation for providing quality repairs, we recommend you read on to find out who we think offers the best car repair in Victoria.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care has served the city for over 50 years now and they offer a wide range of services that Victoria residents have come to trust and rely upon. The reviews posted on their Google+ show how they strive to provide service that is above what many people have come to expect from an auto repair shop.

Their skilled technicians can complete many types of repairs–and they will do it all while keeping good ethics as one of their top priorities. In fact, in Better Business Bureau’s category for trades services and support for all of Vancouver Island, they won the 2013 ethical decision making award. They were also a finalist for BBB’s 2014 business ethics & integrity award for the Trades category on the island.

While some other repair businesses can seem to take advantage of the fact that car owners want their cars fixed quickly and will settle for whoever will do a good enough job, this Victoria BC car repair shop is committed to providing services that are ethical and even educational. For instance, by offering Ladies Night car clinics, they have shown that they want women–who might feel disrespected by other companies–to feel informed about what’s going on with their car. Their vehicle pick up and drop off service is another great benefit.

The next time you need an auto repair, give this long-time Victoria business a try.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

1885 Government Street (at Chatham St)

Victoria, B.C. Canada

V8T 4W6