Best Victoria BC Driving Lessons

A friend pointed out to me a few days ago how many more people they have noticed running red lights and turning left on red lights. It was has become unsafe on the roads throughout the city lately. Victoria Transmission and Auto Care came out with a great blog post about the 8 worst intersections in the city for traffic accidents. No doubt many of these accidents are caused from people with poor driving skills, impatience and they were distracted.

Outside of those reasons we both felt it had a lot to do with the fact that the city has grown and traffic has become a real problem. Some trips across town use to take me 15 minutes and now they are taking 25 due to the high traffic volumes. We can all agree that the traffic has become very crowded out on the roads.

But really most of the problems with accidents is that people need to not be distracted and to brush up on their driving skills. That’s why people are looking for the best driving lessons fromĀ driving schools in Victoria a lot these days.

Whether is a young teenager who is getting ready to take their first driving test or a senior looking to brush up on their skills, driving lessons can be taken by anybody. And they really should be many people to avoid have many traffic accidents.

We know there are lots of schools in Victoria who offer driving lessons. But we feel that Westshore Driving School out in Colwood & Langford is the best when it comes to offering driving lessons. Their prices are the best in the city and they have brand new cars to anyone to learn on.


Westshore Driving School
3376 Happy Valley Road
Victoria, BC,V9C 2W4