Who is the best used cars dealership in Victoria?

A few years ago I had an old Honda Accord. It was a great vehicle but it was old.

Like all old things it started to break down more and more. Then one day it finally really  broke down! I mean really broke down.

I had a big issue though, I was broke. I couldn’t buy anything else or fix it. So I rode my bike everywhere. This was good for my overall fitness as I lost a lot of weight.

But then last year something happened. I was riding my bike out of my driveway and as I glanced down at my gears, I ran into my neighbours car!

I smashed her taillight which cost me $100. I was pretty pissed and was getting frustrated with biking everywhere.

So I looked at my bank account and felt I had enough funds to buy a something from a used cars Victoria dealership. Like any person with a bike, I went straight to the internet and was happy to see lots of places had their stock online.

There are plenty of places to buy a vehicle from, but I went with Gold Star Auto Sales in Colwood. Harold, the owner, was great to me and worked well within my budget to find me a car that suited my needs.

I recommend them to any friend that’s looking for a used car in Victoria. That’s why I wanted to blog about it today. So check them out. They have all of their vehicle stock online for you to see and they answer emails promptly.