5 Questions to Ask a Victoria BC Electrician

Electrical work can be dangerous and very costly if done incorrectly, so it’s definitely one of those home renovation projects you’ll want to hire only the best Victoria BC electricians for. But where do you start? Use these questions to avoid the pitfalls of home renovations gone wrong and when you need to hire an electrician.

  1. May I see your certificate of insurance?

This is a way not only to protect yourself but also a test to see how professional this electrician is. If they don’t have insurance, don’t even let them in the front door, as this leaves you, the homeowner, liable for anything that goes wrong. From an injury caused by a slip on your stairs, all the way to a fire caused by faulty work, you’ll be on the hook. Be sure to verify insurance is valid in Victoria as some policies are void if the electrician is working outside the stated area.

  1. May I see your license?  

If there is any hesitation, this should be a red flag. There are a couple of different levels of electricians in Victoria BC. For example there are apprentices and red seals. There are even some electricians operating in BC but have licenses from out of province, so make sure you’re talking to a fully licensed provincially registered electrician.

  1. What permit will I need?

The electrician will know this but you can also call the City of Victoria Electrical Permit line at 250 361-0343 to get a heads up on what type of permit you’ll need. Does this information match up with what your electrician gave you? Also, feel free to ask who they recommend for the work. The city of Victoria permit department work with, inspect and deal with electricians on a daily basis so this is great insider information if you can get it.

  1. What organizations do you belong to?

Are they part of the Victoria Better Business Bureau? If yes, spend some time on the BBB website and read the reviews. Also, there is an Electrical Contractors Association of BC so inquire about this. If they’re not members, it doesn’t mean they aren’t good electricians rather being a member is like a bonus point.

  1. May I have some references?

This is the most important question. Aim for 3 references and call every single one. Ask for details and dates of work completed. An electrician with a good long solid history is a great bet for a job well done.
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