Best Perimeter Drain Contractors In Victoria BC

Trying to search for the best perimeter drain contractor in Victoria BC?

When you find a moisture problem in your home the cause can sometimes be difficult to narrow down. A leak at the joint in your wall or floor commonly indicates problems with the perimeter drain, foundation or slab. Occasionally the cause is not as easy to detect. The last thing you want to do is guess because that could become very costly.

Finding a rusty drywall screw or mold growth on the baseboard could have a couple of different causes. It could indicate a crack or even a humidity problem within the home which is happening with today’s air tight home envelopes.

Defining the exact cause is one of the best ways to zero in on what’s causing your moisture issues. Having a perimeter drain inspection involves checking the perimeter drains, sometimes called drain tiles. Utilizing devices such as cameras this type of inspection can quickly determine if this is at the root of your problems. Should that be the case and the inspection finds it needs replacement or repairs at Victoria perimeter drains we can help you resolve the issue.

Replacing perimeter drain tile is a detailed operation and includes the following:

  • Pulling permits
  • Removing and replacing any obstacles such as concrete, decks, plants or stairs
  • Cleaning, inspecting and treating the foundation to prevent further leaks
  • Managing municipal inspections
  • Hauling away any debris and finally cleaning the tile

Perimeter drains have to be installed correctly in order to do their job which is to direct water away from you foundation or concrete slab.

To protect your home and even health from the dangers of moisture and leaks it’s best to call a company that has the expertise. Rather than hiring separate contractors isn’t one who can oversee the job from start to finish.

Think of the peace of mind knowing your yard will be returned to it’s former condition.

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