Best Stairlifts Contractor In Victoria BC

100,000 elderly people are treated for fall injuries every year, and 1,000 die from stair injuries every year. Stairlifts, are the solution to this problem. Stairlifts are a mechanical device for transporting people up and down stairs. It’s basically a chair that you can sit in, that is attached to a rail; a person sits in the chair and is lifted up or down the stairs. They are also known as stair climbers, stair gliders or chair lifts.

But you know a lot of about them already and are looking for who the best stairlifts contractor in Victoria BC.

They were created in the 1930’s and actually made for people who suffered from polio. Today they are used in homes of people who are elderly and struggle getting up and down the stairs. They are also used by those who have been severely injured or disabled. As such, stair lifts are very popular here in Victoria BC, as many seniors call this city home.

Modern day stairlifts are a lot safer than in the past, and more widely used. Stair Lifts can be totally customized to the user, from seat height, call stations, speed governor and the seat belt lengths. Once it is installed it is very simply to use, even for very elderly people who may not be considered that technologically gifted. If the stair lift is not operating correctly, they usually have cutout switches, which just deactivates the power so safety should not be a concern for you.

Victoria, BC is not known to have overly tall buildings with an outrageous amount of stairs, but business and homeowners should still consider installing these useful pieces of equipment into their homes. They are also great if you have something very heavy and relatively compact that you do not want to hull up your staircase yourself.

If you think a stairlifts in your Victoria home or business would make life easier for you or those around you, please contact Home Elevators of BC and their stairlifts sales, installs and servicing.