Best Bike Shop In Victoria BC

I’ve been wanting to get a road bike for a few years now. Last month I had enough after listening to a close friend go on and on about how addicting it was and how great of shape he was in.

I only balked because of the cost of a buying a high end road bike. But you can’t put a price on your health right?!

So my friend recommended I go see the staff down at Russ Hays. We did earlier in the month and I had an intial chat with Marty who I believe is the owner. Anyways, I was going to buy that day and was there to just get an idea of the costs. It’s not just the bike as you need pedals, shoes, clothing, a pump and other things.

During this initial meet Marty was great to deal with. He educated me a fair bit on what kind of bikes and price points I could get into. I never once felt pressured or like I was being talked into something out of my price range.

A few weeks later I asked my friend to see if Marty had any used bikes in the shop as I was ready to buy but still worried about the costs. There wasn’t anything used but he mentioned there was a nice Giant bike on sale and was a very good deal.

So I went down and checked it out the next day. There was another bike at a cheaper price point but Aaron (Marty was busy)¬†said the Giant was a far better deal as it was a very good composite frame that I could ride for years. I’d only need to purchase components if I needed to.

I ended up going with the Giant and glad I did. The bike was been a treat to ride the first few weeks. I had an issue with the front wheel rubbing the brake a couple of days ago. I called Aaron and he said bring it and they’d fix it up. The next day I went down and they fixed it up free on charge.

Overall, Marty and Aaron were awesome to deal with and they get sales and that sales is all about relationships. Cycling is a hobby which requires purchases after the intial bike purchase and I’ll be dealing with Russ Hays exclusively. I can’t say for sure they are the best bike shop in Victoria BC but I can say you won’t have any issues if you buy from them.

Bike Shop Victoria BC   Russ Hays

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