What Are The Best Pubs In Victoria BC?

I love going out with friends. Especially in Victoria. There are so many pubs to choose from though. I can say that I usually go to the same five or six pubs.

Here’s a list of my favourite pubs to enjoy some food and drink at.

The Games Room At The Sticky Wicket

The Sticky Wicket has been around for ages. It’s a great place and that’s why it’s been able to last as long as it has.

Just recently they renovated the games room area of the pub. It looks a lot better and has a cool balcony where there are a few tables. You can pay darts up there and do some good people watching.

Bard and Banker Scottish Pub

Although the food is average here and the drink prices are the highest in the city, I still love the atmosphere this place provides. Walking into the main area reminds me of what the Titanic looked like. Lots of gold (or fake gold) light fixtures and staircases make it feel very elegant.

Most nights they have live music acts but hearing the voices of the patrons is enough to provide a lively atmosphere.

Canoe Brew Pub

Canoe Brew Pub (formerly Canoe Club) is another great atmosphere. It’s located in a very old building right on the Gorge. It has a huge pub area where live acts frequent the stage.

They probably provide the best pub food throughout the city. It also get’s special bonus points for having the best patio do drink and eat on during the summer.

The Beagle Pub

While the other pubs tend to be really big, the Beagle is very quant. It’s more of a local feel as it’s located in the heart of Cook Street Village. Lots of people live in the area and tend to stay around there to have drinks and food. Naturally the Beagle provides exactly what locals wants.

So there are is my list of the best pubs in Victoria BC.

What are your favourites?