The Best Italian Restaurants in Victoria

We have a lot of Italian restaurants here in Victoria. I’m a huge fan of Italian and love almost every type of pasta. Of course they don’t compete with the restaurants in Italy but they’re pretty damn close.

Here are the list of the best Italian restaurants in Victoria.


I have only been to Zambri’s a couple of times. But it’s fantastic. I had heard mixed reviews from a few of my friends. It was either amazing of below par. The reviews remind me of movie reviews. Always understand who’s telling you their opinion and keep that in mind.

Zambri’s is very good. The pasta’s I’ve had here are not rich and just the right size. The room itself is very cool. It’s located in the beautiful Atrium building. You can even sit out side the Atrium which provides a cool dining experience.

Zambri’s is great but a little on the pricey side.

Il Terrazo

Here’s another place that took me forever to finally try. My first time was 5 years ago and it’s know on my top places to eat list in the city.

The outside dining area is very cool as well. Overall, the pricing is a little high again but their lunch menu is almost the same and a lot of cheaper. So head there for lunch if it’s your first time.


I’ve been to Fiamo three times in the last two months. It’s that good! The last time I was there I had the butternut squash ravioli. Delicious! The portions are pretty big compared to what you’re paying.

It’s located in a very cool dining room. It use to be a restaurant called Suze and I enjoyed the experience there. That’s probably why I enjoy Fiamo.

Honourable mention goes to Pagliachi’s. Try the Hemmingway pasta.

So there you have what I think are the best Italian restaurants in Victoria BC.

Image courtesy Live Young and Free.