Who Sells The Best Electronic Cigarettes in Victoria?

A couple of years back I started to see more and more people with these blue things hanging from their mouths. A couple of seconds later I would see a puff of smoke coming out of their mouth.

I wondered what these were. A friend told me they were electronic cigarettes.

That got me thinking what a cool idea. I looked into starting an online shop to sell them since I knew they were going to back.

I didn’t and I am regretting it now! E-cigs and vaping have become very popular. Many discussions are out there saying they don’t help you quit smoking. I’m sure that can be true in same cases. Sellers of electronic cigarettes can’t officially say they will help you quit smoking as per Health Canada.

But all you have to do is ask people who have made the switch to them what benefits they have.

You’ll hear answers like:

“They are far more cheaper then regular cigarettes”

“They have slowed my addiction for nicotine”

“My lungs feel better”

“I can smoke inside my home and it won’t smell”

If you want more just do a search for electronic cigarettes benefits and you’ll see real answers from real users.

These benefits have cause a lot of stores opening up in Victoria who sell them. One of those electronic cigarettes in Victoria stores in Rare Air Cigs. They sell it all.

Starter kits that include an electronic cigarette, e-juice, battery charger and carrying case. It’s a great option for those wanting to make the switch for a low investment. With the prices of a regular pack of cigarettes it’s almost the price of two packs. But it will last much longer than those two packs.

My roommate ordered one of those starter kits and has cut down big time on his smoking. Two months in he still has the same e-juice bottle that cam with his starter kit.

Rare Air Cigs offers free shipping for orders within Canada and are located in Victoria. So shop online from the comfort of your home and don’t worry about having to trek across town to visit all the other electronic cigarette stores in Victoria.