The Best Personal Trainer in Victoria BC

This is my personal story about who I think the best personal trainer in Victoria is. I had been overweight my whole life. You couldn’t tell that by looking at me. I’m almost six feet tall and seemed fairly skinny. But that wasn’t the truth. I was overweight by about 15 pounds for most of my life.

Well, I shouldn’t say most of my life. I managed to lose some weight here and there over the last 15 years.

When I first moved down to Victoria BC from Qualicum, I was almost 218 pounds! It was crazy because I was a great athlete growing up and played all kinds of sports. But my diet was awful. My parents owned a connivence store in Qualicum so I ate like a pig. Chips, pop and chocolate bars were a staple in my diet.

Then cam the road trips for basketball, golf and baseball. We always ate fast food. It wasn’t uncommon for me to pile through 4 Junior Whoppers from Burger King.

I look back at myself and think it was all in my diet. Right after I moved from Qualicum I cut out pop from my diet and instead started drinking water. Huge difference!

I then started going to the gym. After a few months I lost motivation and my weight loss peaked at 10 pounds. Not bad though as I was close to 200.

Then in 2007 I tried this stuff called Isegenix. It’s basically like a slim fast diet where you go for one month having nothing but protein shakes and healthy dinners. At the same time I started riding my bike because my things were huge.

The Isegenix and bike riding helped me big time. I finally got below 200 pounds and down to 198!

Like always though I gained it back on. I’m sure you have experienced the same pattern. You lose some weight then gain it all back by going back to your old habits.

I was stuck in my pattern for another 5 more years. Then in 2012 I was introduced to squash. I had played squash here and there the previous three years but never got hooked. In 2012 though I really become hooked on the athletic workout squash provided. It truly is the best exercise you can get. Plus it’s actually fun unlike running or jogging.

Playing lots of squashed I got down to 192 last summer. But my pattern came back and I gained the weight over this past holiday season and a trip to Hawaii in early January.

Fed up at my weight gain all the way up to 208, I contacted Victoria Personal Trainer Wes Kennedy of Elite Training Programs to get me on the right track once and for all. Wes set me up with the proper diet and work out routine based on my goals and desires.

Three months into this program and I am down to 195! I am committed and motivated to keeping my body and mind in the best possible shape thanks to his routine.

So if you’re like me, please check out Wes Kennedy. Here are his contact details below:

Elite Training Programs

835 View St #1105

Victoria, BC V8W 3W8

(250) 412-5079