Best Victoria BC Dog Training company

I’m not a huge pet guy. But my old roommate owned a dog. It wasn’t very well behaved though.

After two weeks of living with her and her dog, I had to tell her she needed to get her dog trained. My sleep was lacking and the dog was annoying because it wouldn’t stop barking.

He thought about getting a dog training toy he saw online. After some reviews though he found that the cost was cheap but that you have to be there with the bog training itself. Since he worked a lot this wasn’t going to work as he had no time to train his dog.

His second option was to attend a Victoria BC Dog Training class. But the same issue arose when he thought about buying a dog training product online. He just didn’t have enough time in the day to go to the class.

Luckily Tomey K9 Services offers training sessions in the evening. Owner Dave knows that many people are busy during the days and that’s why he offers training sessions in the evening.

I had a chance to sit in on Dave’s┬átraining and was more then impressed.┬áThe results we’re impressive and fast. I was finally able to sleep during the nights and have friends over without having to worry about my roommates dog. This meant better overall work performance for me and a well trained dog for my roomie.

So if you need dog training in Victoria BC, be sure to check out Tomey K9 Services.