Who Is the Best Victoria BC Insulation Contractor and Company

Last year my friends did a home renovation. The house is a late 1970’s.

I lived there for a year and half so I got to experience all of the seasons. In the summer the house was far too hot. Then in the winter it was too cold.

It was supper annoying. My friends knew this and did something about it last year.

They had a local company here in Victoria come in and do an enery audit. There were amazed to see how inefficent their home was.

Living in this city we are lucky to have not overly hot summers and not overly cold winters. But there house was not helping cool or heat their homes during the summer and winter.

Sure they could have bought a Victoria heat pumps from Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration. But that was more then they wanted to budget for. Afterall they were renovating the entire home. They spent a lot on having Woodfellow come in and refinish their hardwood floors. So the option of getting a heat pump wasn’t going to work.

In the end they decided they needed to improving the insulation in their home.

They then wanted to find out how the best insulation contractor and company was in Victoria BC.

Through some research they found that Polar Home Improvement was the best. Their pricing and quality was excellent.

Now when I go over to their house no matter if it’s summer or winter the tempeture is far more consistent. Never too hot or never too cold.

That’s because they used blow in cellulose insulation. Cellulose is a plant fiber which is sprayed in the walls and roof cavities. It provides insulation and helps reduce noise along with reducing draught that can get into the home.

Unlike other insulations you spray it in so you can get a good amount of converage in the walls or ceilings.

If blown in ceullose sounds like something you’d like to try, please visit Polar Home Improvement’s website.