Best Coffee Shops in Victoria BC

You won’t find a chain like Tim Hortons or Starbucks in this list. Nope. Only the best local coffee shops based in Victoria BC.

I wouldn’t call my self a coffee drinker. But being in business I always meet clients over coffee. So I have been to my fair share of shops.

What follows in a list of my favourite. Remember that this is the coffee shop as a whole. Not a post on who has the best coffee in town.

Habit Coffee

I’m a huge fan of the Atrium location. Not just because I love that building, but I love the decor and layout. The decor shouldn’t work being as the Atrium is a very modern building. But it just does. Plus the large glass windows make it amazing for people watching.

Union Pacific

I am a sucker for modern architecture but I also love Victoria’s heritage and older buildings. Union Pacific is located in the design district of Victoria on Herald St in a beautiful building.

Wild Coffee

This place is another great spot for people watching. You can also get some nice afternoon sunshine. It’s quant and cozy which provides an intimate atmosphere.

As always, if I have missed your favourite or best coffee shop, post a comment below!