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Best Stairlifts Contractor In Victoria BC

100,000 elderly people are treated for fall injuries every year, and 1,000 die from stair injuries every year. Stairlifts, are the solution to this problem. Stairlifts are a mechanical device for transporting people up and down stairs. It’s basically a chair that you can sit in, that is attached to a rail; a person sits in the chair and is lifted up or down the stairs. They are also known as stair climbers, stair gliders or chair lifts.

But you know a lot of about them already and are looking for who the best stairlifts contractor in Victoria BC.

They were created in the 1930’s and actually made for people who suffered from polio. Today they are used in homes of people who are elderly and struggle getting up and down the stairs. They are also used by those who have been severely injured or disabled. As such, stair lifts are very popular here in Victoria BC, as many seniors call this city home.

Modern day stairlifts are a lot safer than in the past, and more widely used. Stair Lifts can be totally customized to the user, from seat height, call stations, speed governor and the seat belt lengths. Once it is installed it is very simply to use, even for very elderly people who may not be considered that technologically gifted. If the stair lift is not operating correctly, they usually have cutout switches, which just deactivates the power so safety should not be a concern for you.

Victoria, BC is not known to have overly tall buildings with an outrageous amount of stairs, but business and homeowners should still consider installing these useful pieces of equipment into their homes. They are also great if you have something very heavy and relatively compact that you do not want to hull up your staircase yourself.

If you think a stairlifts in your Victoria home or business would make life easier for you or those around you, please contact Home Elevators of BC and their stairlifts sales, installs and servicing.

Best Auto Care Repair Shop In Victoria BC

Car repairs are often costly but necessary–putting one off is not going to help you in the long run. But sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to get repairs completed, especially if you do not know who you can trust. We’ve all heard stories of people being ripped off, of auto technicians completing repairs that were not necessary, or of repair companies not being upfront with how much their services will really end up costing their customers. If you are looking to have your car fixed in a timely fashion, at a reasonable rate, and by someone who has a good reputation for providing quality repairs, we recommend you read on to find out who we think offers the best car repair in Victoria.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care has served the city for over 50 years now and they offer a wide range of services that Victoria residents have come to trust and rely upon. The reviews posted on their Google+ show how they strive to provide service that is above what many people have come to expect from an auto repair shop.

Their skilled technicians can complete many types of repairs–and they will do it all while keeping good ethics as one of their top priorities. In fact, in Better Business Bureau’s category for trades services and support for all of Vancouver Island, they won the 2013 ethical decision making award. They were also a finalist for BBB’s 2014 business ethics & integrity award for the Trades category on the island.

While some other repair businesses can seem to take advantage of the fact that car owners want their cars fixed quickly and will settle for whoever will do a good enough job, this Victoria BC car repair shop is committed to providing services that are ethical and even educational. For instance, by offering Ladies Night car clinics, they have shown that they want women–who might feel disrespected by other companies–to feel informed about what’s going on with their car. Their vehicle pick up and drop off service is another great benefit.

The next time you need an auto repair, give this long-time Victoria business a try.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

1885 Government Street (at Chatham St)

Victoria, B.C. Canada

V8T 4W6


Best Bike Shop In Victoria BC

I’ve been wanting to get a road bike for a few years now. Last month I had enough after listening to a close friend go on and on about how addicting it was and how great of shape he was in.

I only balked because of the cost of a buying a high end road bike. But you can’t put a price on your health right?!

So my friend recommended I go see the staff down at Russ Hays. We did earlier in the month and I had an intial chat with Marty who I believe is the owner. Anyways, I was going to buy that day and was there to just get an idea of the costs. It’s not just the bike as you need pedals, shoes, clothing, a pump and other things.

During this initial meet Marty was great to deal with. He educated me a fair bit on what kind of bikes and price points I could get into. I never once felt pressured or like I was being talked into something out of my price range.

A few weeks later I asked my friend to see if Marty had any used bikes in the shop as I was ready to buy but still worried about the costs. There wasn’t anything used but he mentioned there was a nice Giant bike on sale and was a very good deal.

So I went down and checked it out the next day. There was another bike at a cheaper price point but Aaron (Marty was busy) said the Giant was a far better deal as it was a very good composite frame that I could ride for years. I’d only need to purchase components if I needed to.

I ended up going with the Giant and glad I did. The bike was been a treat to ride the first few weeks. I had an issue with the front wheel rubbing the brake a couple of days ago. I called Aaron and he said bring it and they’d fix it up. The next day I went down and they fixed it up free on charge.

Overall, Marty and Aaron were awesome to deal with and they get sales and that sales is all about relationships. Cycling is a hobby which requires purchases after the intial bike purchase and I’ll be dealing with Russ Hays exclusively. I can’t say for sure they are the best bike shop in Victoria BC but I can say you won’t have any issues if you buy from them.

Bike Shop Victoria BC   Russ Hays

650 Hillside AVE

Best Gas Fireplaces & Wood Stoves Seller in Victoria BC

Not much can beat coming in from the rainy or cold weather outside and starting up a fire to warm up in front of. It’s a great chance to curl up on the couch with your family around you and enjoy the flame.

You might not have a gas fireplace or wood stove in your place currently, or maybe your current one is old and looks out-of-date or just does not work as efficiently or safely as you would like it to. This can be a big purchase to make, so you need to find a business that provides both great quality and products and excellent customer service when it comes to installation and servicing. Here’s who we think is the best gas fireplaces & wood stoves seller in Victoria BC.

Flametech Heating provides selling, installation, and servicing of wood stoves and gas fireplaces of many different brands, which means they are knowledgeable on what they sell. Picking the right model for your home is important, which is why you need to make a purchase from a business that really cares about the products they sell and about you as their customer. The testimonials on their website show that this is a company that puts in that extra effort to sell products that work well for what customers want from their new wood stove or gas fireplace.

Flametech make themselves available on evenings and weekends, so you can trust that even in the busy seasons they can try to find a time that will allow you to find out what they have available and allow them to see your place to help you with your choice. This is great for the many people, perhaps including you, who have busy schedules that won’t slow down just because you want to purchase a new wood stove or gas fireplace.

Along with the difficulty of choosing the best product, getting the installation process to run smoothly can also be a challenge, unless you go with the best business to get the job done. You need the installers to follow all relevant BC building codes and you need them to be diligent with keeping the installation as tidy as possible during and after the work is complete. Flametech has shown to offer this to their customers, if their posted testimonies are an indication of the quality of the service that they provide.

Get in touch with them if you want the best seller of gas fireplaces & wood stoves in Victoria BC.

FlameTech Heating

Gas Stove   Wood Fireplaces Victoria BC   FlameTech Heating

Call 778-977-3473 for a free estimate


Best Senior Homes In Victoria BC

Are you looking for the best senior homes in Victoria BC? You have come to the right place as we’ll list three homes which we think are the best.

You should be able to feel at home wherever you live, and this shouldn’t change even when you move into one of the senior homes that are located in Victoria. Moving into a new residence where you may have your food and activities planned for you and where you’ll be around the same people every day can sound like a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking for a senior home for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll make a good decision by going with one of the best seniors homes in Victoria BC. Here’s who we think you should consider.

St Charles Manor

If you’re looking for a social place in a charming part of Greater Victoria, this could be the senior home for you. Located in Oak Bay, it has 53 suites and offers a sense of luxury to its residents.

St Charles Manor

1006 St. Charles Street

Victoria, BC

V8S 3P6


Clover Point Care

How would you like to live even closer to the ocean, in a smaller but comparably elegant home? This one offers luxury in the form of 14 cottage-like suites for residents to call their own. It’s located in Fairfield, close to Dallas Road.

Clover Point Care

90 Linden Avenue,

Victoria, BC

V8V 4C9


Craigdarroch Care Home

This is the place to be if you’d like to live close to some of the most interesting historical sites that Victoria has to offer: the Craigdarroch Castle and the Government House. When you’re living in one of the best senior homes in Victoria BC, like this 18 suite one that is also in Fairfield, you don’t have to worry that you’ll end up bored or in an unpleasant place.

Craigdarroch Care Home

1048 Craigdarroch Rd

Victoria, BC

V8S 2A4



Best Mechanics In Victoria BC

There are some jobs that are best left to professionals. When it comes to automotive repairs and maintenance, you’ve got a lot of mechanic shops to choose from in Victoria BC. It can often seem like the best option is whatever is most convenient–whether that’s the shop that is located closest to you or the one that is offering a good deal on whatever service you need. But there’s a lot at stake with repairing your vehicle and if you’ve got the time to find the best mechanic in Victoria, you should take advantage of that opportunity. Here’s who we think you should check out.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014 and it’s easy to see how they’ve stuck around for so long in Victoria. Their mechanics are award winning and they’re proud to be a part of the city’s community by hosting events directed to women and showing a commitment to being environmentally friendly through hosting an Earth Day Celebration, offering green oil changes, and providing tips on their website on green driving.

They offer every auto repair and maintenance service you could need, including pre-purchase vehicle inspections, and they aim to be convenient. Victoria Transmission & Auto Care has a pick up and drop off service, so you can rest easy if getting to their Government & Chatham location might be difficult for you. And they’re willing and able to answer your questions about car repair in Victoria BC both in person and online through their website and YouTube channel.

If you like to know whether previous customers were satisfied, you can check out their great Google+ reviews and take note of the fact that they were finalists for the BBB 2014 Torch Award. Victoria Transmission & Auto Care give you all the information you might want to know about their services on their website, including giving you the option of making an appointment online. This is a great long-time Victoria mechanic shop that you should get in touch with the next time you need repairs or maintenance.

Victoria Transmission & Auto Care

mechanics Victoria BC

1885 Government St

Victoria, BC


Phone: 250-382-2833

Best Residential Elevators Victoria BC

Victoria is a city made up of diverse people, from retired folks who have come here from other parts of the country to students to young families who are just starting out. Whatever your situation is, you want to be able to enjoy living in this beautiful city whether you’re out or you’re at home. Home elevators are an increasingly popular way to make homes more accessible, both for those who have mobility limitations and for others who would just like some assistance with everyday tasks like bringing the laundry or groceries to different floors of the home.

They’re also a great way to increase your home’s value, which is especially relevant to homes in Victoria–so many people come here to retire for the mild weather. A home elevator might be just the thing that makes an older couple take an interest in your home. So, who can you count on to provide you with a great home elevator? Here is who we think has the best home elevators in Victoria BC.

Home Elevators of BC sells, installs, and services various types of elevators, including stair lifts, dumb waiters, vertical platform lifts, and custom elevators. If you’re not sure which type will work with your home, they are very knowledgeable on the benefits of each one and are able to customize most of the types for your needs.

They also offer environmentally friendly options and pre owned elevators. They know that a home elevator should be able to fit with the rest of your home, so they put in the effort to getting you matched with a home elevator that will be useful for you and also aesthetically pleasing, if that is something that’s important for you.

For the best home elevators in Victoria BC, contact Home Elevators of BC at their Vancouver Island location.

Home Elevators of BC

714 Skyview Pl, Victoria, BC

V9B 6G5

Tel: (250) 658-3838

Best Message Therapists in Victoria BC

When there are so many registered Victoria massage therapists working in this city, it can be hard to find one that stands out and can really go beyond your expectations. We want to help you out, so here is who we think are the best RMTs in Victoria.

Sheena Badr

Sheena is a graduate of and current clinical supervisor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and at her general practice she has successfully treated various conditions such as plantar fascitis, tmj pain, whiplash, and postural dysfunction. Her client base has included expectant mothers, athletes, and chidren, and she uses a range of techniques from trigger point therapy to myofascial release to deep tissue massage.

Kelsey Matichuk

Kelsey recognizes the importance of assessing the underlying issues that bring his clients to massage therapy, and he believes homecare and patient education are vital. An instructor and clinic supervisor at the massage therapy college here in Victoria, he knows the value of continuing with his education in order to better understand how human bodies work. Techniques he use include muscle energy, soft tissue release, and joint mobilizations.

Colleen Pritchard

Since 2006, Colleen has treated pre and post natal women, elite athletes, people with strain injuries, post-surgery clients, and more. A belief that guides her practice is that active lifestyles are key to an overall healthy well-being. She is an avid traveller and a mom, and she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports.

Eric Purves

A member of the executive of the RMTBC’s pain management professional practice group, one of Eric’s key areas of interest in massage therapy is chronic pain management and treatment. Currently he is studying with UBC in rehabilitation studies while working for Achieve Health, which he is the co-owner of along with Dr. Richard McIlmoyle. He graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria and keeps an active lifestyle by playing soccer, cycling, and running.

Steve Roland

Steve has a unique skillset as he has completed training in Pregnancy Massage, Joint Mobilization for the Spine, and Thai Massage for the Table. Continuing professional development is important to him. He uses assisted isolated stretching, remedial exercise, relaxation massage, and deep tissue work in his treatments, among other techniques. He is an avid long distant ocean canoer, too, and also enjoys the outdoors and travelling. He works as a clinical supervisor at Victoria’s massage therapy college.

Gracie Ang

Gracie practices Tui Na which is better known as Chinese Deep Tissue. She is much different from the other massage therapists in Victoria BC as she works deeply to get to your pain point. She will provide you more insight about your pains and diet to help you feel better.

Bets Oil Change in Victoria BC

Maintaining your car can become time-consuming and costly. The last thing you need is for any work you have completed to not be up to the standard you need, or for the auto technicians to try to charge you for more services than you asked for.

Another concern with car maintenance nowadays is the desire to be as eco-friendly as possible. It is not always easy to be green with your car, when many auto repair shops do not offer services that are environmentally conscious.

One task that benefits from expert attention is an oil change. It’s one of those things that you might be able to do yourself, but taking your car to an auto repair shop for an oil change can provide you with high quality service and also give you a chance to get an entire vehicle inspection completed. And when you’re looking for great service in this area, the best oil change shop in Victoria BC for the job is Victoria Transmission and Auto Care. They have been trusted in Victoria for 50 years now and they truly take pride in their work.

Since the sales peoples here are not commission-based, you can trust that they will keep only your best interests in mind when suggesting additional services. Your oil change will come with a safety inspection, top up of vital fluids, and possibly more depending on the oil change option you choose. One option they have is the Green Oil Change, which uses Eco Power re-refined oil. This is something that not every shop in town provides and it’s worth considering.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care is also an accredited shop, so you can use their oil change service when you have a vehicle warranty to keep intact. To get expert attention on your vehicle from a business you can trust, this is the shop to check out.

Victoria Transmission and Auto Care

best oil change in Victoria BC

1885 Government Street (at Chatham St)

Victoria, B.C. Canada

V8T 4W6



Best Mold Removal Company in Victoria BC

Dealing with mold is an unpleasant task that should not be avoided, but many of us might believe that ignorance is bliss when it comes to considering the harmful effects of it. Some people will have stronger reactions to mold than others when it first appears in a household or workplace, for sure. But it should not be taken for granted that long-term exposure to mold can have negative consequences on the health of even those who appear immune to it now. If you came here from a search for mold removal companies in Victoria BC, you’ve already recognized the importance of getting this task done right. That’s a good start to reaching the best solution.

If you’ve had a mold problem before, maybe you have seen or even used chemical products for mold removal sold in the cleaning or painting aisles of stores. Those options are out there, but there’s something about mold removal that seems more suited to completion by professionals. Something that could have a big effect on your health should be taken seriously, right? So here is who we think is the best mold removal company in Victoria BC.

Hazpro Environmental has been in business since 2008 and they have an educated, experienced team of professionals available for mold removal. This includes an environmental scientist and project managers that have received training with the International Committee of the Red Cross in water damage restoration and microbial remediation.

Of course, whenever you go to a professional for a service you may wonder how much it will end up costing and whether you can have some say in the matter so you don’t have to pay for things that you don’t need. The great news with Hazpro is that they provide you with flexibility for choosing what they do in your home or business. Once they have determined what could be done for mold removal, they will give you tiered options for fixing the mold problem. You can pick the option that best fits with your goals and your budget.

Along with their free estimates, these are just a few reasons why Hazpro is the best company for mold removal in Victoria BC.

Hazpro Environmental

Mold Removal Companies Victoria BC

355 Catherine Street

Victoria, B.C.

V9A 3S9

Phone: 250-891-4977