Best Message Therapists in Victoria BC

When there are so many registered Victoria massage therapists working in this city, it can be hard to find one that stands out and can really go beyond your expectations. We want to help you out, so here is who we think are the best RMTs in Victoria.

Sheena Badr

Sheena is a graduate of and current clinical supervisor at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and at her general practice she has successfully treated various conditions such as plantar fascitis, tmj pain, whiplash, and postural dysfunction. Her client base has included expectant mothers, athletes, and chidren, and she uses a range of techniques from trigger point therapy to myofascial release to deep tissue massage.

Kelsey Matichuk

Kelsey recognizes the importance of assessing the underlying issues that bring his clients to massage therapy, and he believes homecare and patient education are vital. An instructor and clinic supervisor at the massage therapy college here in Victoria, he knows the value of continuing with his education in order to better understand how human bodies work. Techniques he use include muscle energy, soft tissue release, and joint mobilizations.

Colleen Pritchard

Since 2006, Colleen has treated pre and post natal women, elite athletes, people with strain injuries, post-surgery clients, and more. A belief that guides her practice is that active lifestyles are key to an overall healthy well-being. She is an avid traveller and a mom, and she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports.

Eric Purves

A member of the executive of the RMTBC’s pain management professional practice group, one of Eric’s key areas of interest in massage therapy is chronic pain management and treatment. Currently he is studying with UBC in rehabilitation studies while working for Achieve Health, which he is the co-owner of along with Dr. Richard McIlmoyle. He graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria and keeps an active lifestyle by playing soccer, cycling, and running.

Steve Roland

Steve has a unique skillset as he has completed training in Pregnancy Massage, Joint Mobilization for the Spine, and Thai Massage for the Table. Continuing professional development is important to him. He uses assisted isolated stretching, remedial exercise, relaxation massage, and deep tissue work in his treatments, among other techniques. He is an avid long distant ocean canoer, too, and also enjoys the outdoors and travelling. He works as a clinical supervisor at Victoria’s massage therapy college.

Gracie Ang

Gracie practices Tui Na which is better known as Chinese Deep Tissue. She is much different from the other massage therapists in Victoria BC as she works deeply to get to your pain point. She will provide you more insight about your pains and diet to help you feel better.