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Best Truck Accessories Shop Victoria BC

Owning a truck is a thrill and a responsibility. You can use it to transport recreational items of many types (boats, trailers, and more) and to store and move small objects. No matter what you use your truck for, you need accessories that will keep you and your possessions safe, or that will make using your truck more convenient for you. You do not want anything to be damaged unnecessarily or to be stolen due to them not being attached securely enough to your truck.

So what do you need from a truck accessories store in Victoria BC? You will probably benefit from finding variety–a variety of products, and a variety of sizes of one type of product. Good quality items that are priced fairly and sold by people who have valuable knowledge about the products will make your experience a pleasant one. Many big box stores that sell truck accessories are staffed by people who do not necessarily have knowledge of or even an interest in the needs of truck owners–which is not the way to create satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for everything mentioned above, All Season Auto Racks is the store you need to check out. They have tonneau covers, trailer hitches, truck outfitting, truck steps, fifth wheel hitches, rigid lights, winches, running boards, winch bumpers, and more. The products come from great brands, so you can trust that you will find good quality products here, on top of good service. If you are a contractor, headache racks and tool boxes are available for you here, too.

And if you are the type that likes to check out available products online ahead of time instead of going blindly into a store, you will find that their website will provide you with a ton of photos of some of their products, already installed on trucks, in their gallery. If you’re looking for the best truck accessories store in Victoria BC, there is no need to continue your search any longer.

All Season Auto Racks

3325 Oak St

Victoria, BC

V8X 1P9

(250) 383-2100

Best Custom Orthotics And Pedorthist In Nanaimo BC

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, like many of us do, you need your feet to do a great job of supporting you. Many people develop problems in different parts of their body due to an imbalance in their feet, and this can be detrimental in the long term. Getting the support you need is not something to be taken lightly.

Maybe you have tried different types of shoes or store-bought insoles to help you feel more comfortable, and you’re reading this now because you need a better solution. The truth is that people have different shapes of feet, from high arched to supinated to pronated and others, and even the best quality pair of shoes might not be the best fit for addressing your specific discomfort. Seeking out custom orthotics is a good move to make when you want support that is actually designed for your feet.

So who is the best pedorthist to get custom orthotics in Nanaimo BC from? For 17 years Island Pedorthic Footcare has provided prescription custom foot orthotics, and they make their orthotics while keeping in mind the dysfunction in your feet, your body weight, and your biomechanical complaints. They have a trusted method for determining how orthotics can help you, by putting in the effort to understanding how your feet affect and are affected by your overall body and health.

Depending on your condition, you may get fitted for Accommodative Orthotics or Functional Orthotics. Island Pedorthic Footcare can customize your orthotics to fit into your shoes and adjustments are possible later on. They also promise that your orthotics will be refundable and 100% guaranteed. Properly fitted orthotics can play the significant role of helping parts of your body that were previously misaligned to line up, so its worth it to go with a Nanaimo pedorthist who has experience and will provide you with service that they stand behind. We recommend you check them out to get exemplary service and expertise.

Island Pedorthic Footcare


Dublin Way,


B.C. V9T 0H2

Tel: 250-758-1716


Best Chiropractors in Nanaimo BC

If you’re going to spend the time and money on making an appointment to see a chiropractor, you want them to do a great job. With so many options available, there are bound to be some chiropractors who are better than others. Whether they have more experience in general or they are more skilled at addressing particular health problems, the best chiropractor in Nanaimo BC will be able to provide you with what you need for your health.

Here’s who we recommend: Harbour City Chiropractic has two chiropractors who have been practising here since 2006, and who prior to that operated a practice in downtown Vancouver for ten years. They’ve got a lot of experience to back them up, and their services in Nanaimo are meant to be convenient for the diverse needs of the population here. They offer complimentary consultations, first of all–something that you may not find at every chiropractic practice in town.

What will happen at a consultation? You can expect that whoever is meeting with you will determine whether chiropractic is the right move for you. And if it is not, you will not be left in the dust–they will refer you to another health practitioner. Your health is treated as a priority here, and that will make a difference for you.

Next they will determine what has caused the problem that brought you to chiropractic in the first place. Through a few procedures and exams, you can feel assured that you are getting thorough care.

If you are coming to chiropractic following a car accident, Harbour City Chiropractic has the solution for you: the ICBC Chiropractic Treatment Program, which is available to those who have been in an accident since 2009. They do not require you to get a referral from another doctor or pay any expenses from your own pocket.

This is just a taste of what the chiropractors at Harbour City Chiropractic are available for. We recommend you book your consultation or find out more about their Nanaimo chiropractic services on their website.

Nanaimo Chiropractors

Harbour City Chiropractic

#102 – 5180 Dublin Way

Nanaimo, BC, V9T 0H2

Phone: 250-758-1716

Best Roofing Contractors in Vancouver BC

When it is time to get roof repairs or replacements completed, you need roofers that you can trust. There is a lot of competition out there in a city like Vancouver, and often it is difficult to figure out who the best contractors are on your own.

Your roof might have a few leaks or its shingles might be in poor shape, whether from wear and tear over the years or from a recent wind storm. Whatever the case may be, you want Vancouver roofing contractors who will be honest with you about what needs to be fixed, who know what they are doing, and who will give you the fairest prices and guarantees. So based on this criteria, who are the best roofing contractors in Vancouver BC?

Kanga Roofing will provide everything that you are looking for. They have solid technical experience as a whole and are backed by their lead foreman, Dan, who has over twenty years of experience in the industry. On top of that, friendly customer service and respect for you is standard for them. They will provide you with a plan of what they will do with your roof as well as an estimate, because they want you to understand what they are working on and know upfront what they expect the costs to be.

We all know that sometimes unexpected work and costs come up, of course, so Kanga Roofing has you covered when this occurs too. They will not start any work outside of what they informed you of, until they have spoken to the homeowner. Warranties are important for roof repair and replacements too, and Kanga Roofing makes it simple for you by giving you completed forms for warranty after they are finished with your roof.

Kanga Roofing makes the whole process easy for regular people who don’t necessarily know much about house repairs and just want to know that their home is in good hands. It is worth it to give them a call or send an email for a free estimate.

best roofing contractors vancouver

Kanga Roofing

9662 161a Street

Surrey, BC

V4N 2E7

(604) 240–9510

Who Is The Best Chiropractor In Victoria BC?

Chiropractors can do a lot for people who have a variety of disorders, conditions, and pains. Maybe you are looking for a chiropractor in Victoria BC because you recently were in a car accident. If this is the case, you may not even be sure what chiropractic can do for you and want to look through your options first. You also could be trying to find the best chiropractor in Victoria BC because a doctor recommended you see one, and you want to complete research of your own. Chiropractic is useful for elite and recreational athletes for balancing their neuromusculoskeletal system, as well, which may be why you are interested in checking out available services now.

Whatever the case is, getting involved with any health professional can be a risk for your time and money. You do not want to take the time out of your busy schedule for treatments that you later find are not effective for you. Sometimes certain services will not be covered under your medical care plan, so the risks become even higher. To make your search for the best chiropractor in Victoria BC easier, here is who we recommend you check out.

Achieve Health offers chiropractic with their two experienced chiropractors who have professional and personal understandings of the benefits of their treatments.  Fees for initial and subsequent chiropractic treatments are listed on the Achieve Health website, so you can go to them knowing what to expect. You will find that each chiropractor you consider will have different techniques and reasons for using them, so it is worth it to get to know their backgrounds beforehand, as we will try to help you with now for Achieve Health’s chiropractors.

Chiropractor Victoria BC

Dr Richard McIlmoyle, first, has over ten years of experience and keeps an active lifestyle of running and cycling in Victoria BC. He has developed an interest in treating pain using the biopsychosocial model and uses multiple types of manual therapies in his practice. He understands that both athletes and non-athletes can benefit in their daily lives from receiving chiropractic, so he enjoys treating people of all ages and abilities.

Victoria BC Chiropractor

Dr Carly Youlton is Achieve Health’s other chiropractor. A former competitive and national athlete in volleyball, track and field, and gymnastics, she includes rehabilitative exercise in her treatments and addresses muscle restriction in her patients by using Active Release Technique. She personally understands the importance of having one’s muscles and joints working together in synergy.

Hopefully you have a good idea now of our recommendation for you. With so many options available, it is worth it to try to find the best Victoria BC chiropractor that is out there.

Achieve Health

Victoria BC Chiropractors

Suite 107

1505 Admirals Road

V9A 2P8



Best Driving Ranges In Victoria BC

It’s almost August and you might be looking for things to do in the city. Sure you could go for a hike, a kayak ride or if you are a little lazy, enjoy a patio and have some drinks.

But have you thought of playing some golf? Victoria has some great golf courses but what if you don’t want to play a full round? A full round of golf can cost a lot of money and take up to 5 hours to play so playing a full round might not be a fun idea if you are just starting out. If this is you I suggest going to a driving range for to see if you like the game. Most ranges in town charge about $8 dollars for 60 balls. So it’s a good start. Here is a our list of best driving ranges in Victoria BC for you to start on.

Bear Mountain

The range at Bear Mountain is wide open, has lots of areas to hit from so I think it’s one of the best. You don’t have to worry about spraying your ball offline and going into someones yard of the bushes. It’s a grass driving range and the turf quality is pretty good. This gives you feedback for how you are hitting your shots and prepares you for the golf course.

Olympic View

Another grass range that’s wide open is out at Olympic View. It doesn’t have as much hitting area as Bear Mountain but there is still plenty of room. The grass quality is pretty good but can be quite sandy.

Cordova Bay

The best driving range in the city that is off mats is out at Cordova Bay. It’s not as long as the Bear and Olympic View. This isn’t going to be an issue for most golfers though and the main thing is it’s wide open. There are probably about 30 hitting stalls which are undercover which is great if you are looking for something to do when it rains.

So there you have it, the three best driving ranges in Victoria. If you like the range and need some help figuring out your swing, check out our list of best golf instructors list.

The Best Massage Therapy In Victoria BC

Getting a the best massage therapy in Victoria BC is one of the many ways to improve your health at many levels when you are going through a stressful or physically painful time in your life. When the nice weather is out in the summer, you might also be more physically active, giving you another reason to seek out massage therapy Victoria. Your body could find it difficult to adjust to doing different types of physical exercise than you had been doing in the rainier spring season, leaving you with sore muscles. We are lucky in this city to have summer weather that is not too hot to make participating in outdoor sports or going on a run too unbearable.

Of course massage therapy is relaxing, but it is also able to treat and prevent soft tissue injury and dysfunction. Did you know massage therapy can actually be an option for reducing pain just days after a surgery? Really you could come up with a lot of reasons to see a registered massage therapist, but the trouble comes in when you need to pick the right place to go. You could choose to go to the one down the road from your work, or the one your friends suggest, but it is always smart to do some research before making a decision like this. Here is who we think provides the best massage therapy in Victoria BC.

Achieve Health has five registered massage therapists, among their other health service providers who aim to help their clients achieve improved physical, mental, and social well-being. They list on their website their fees for their different lengths of massage therapy sessions, from 20 to 90 minutes, so you can know how much you will pay for a session before you book an appointment.

Their female and male massage therapists have diverse backgrounds, from one who is interested in the management of chronic pain, to others who use Swedish massage techniques, to another who has trained in Thai Massage for the Table and pregnancy massage. Their experiences and interests can work for you, whatever your athletic abilities and pain areas may be.

Achieve Health is owned by one of their massage therapists and a chiropractor, so you can be sure that the business is focused on providing its clients with improved overall health. Getting a massage should be a positive experience, and hopefully this post will help you to achieve just that.

Achieve Health


Suite 107

1505 Admirals Road

V9A 2P8


Best Bathroom Renovations Contractor Victoria BC

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it has big importance for keeping your family and your guests comfortable. You have probably used friends’ or businesses’ bathrooms that were not well maintained or felt outdated and it changed your impression of the whole place. If your bathroom does not use its limited space as well as it can, you might find that it constantly feels crowded, especially if you have kids or teenagers who each have their own products that are competing for space.

Even if everything works as it should in your bathroom, a renovation can help a lot. Bringing a contractor into the home can feel like an inconvenience if it is not necessary, though. But if you are still reading this, you are probably looking for a way out of your current bathroom situation and want the best Victoria BC bathroom renovations contractor that you can actually count on. You want pleasant customer service and efficient, skilled labour. Here is who we think you should consider for your bathroom renovations project.

Toolbox Renovations was started in 2005 by Steve Burgess, who has 20 years of experience with residential renovations and is a certified journeyman carpenter. He thrives on providing good customer service by meeting with you to discuss what you need and then providing a contract and estimate for you to consider before he gets started. And he has strong alliances with professionals who may need to be involved with your bathroom renovations such as plumbers and electricians.

He can do a variety of things with your little space, including using mirrors to make the room feel bigger, updating your bathroom to look more modern, removing large wall elements such as mirrors to give you more space, installing a heated tile floor, adjusting the lighting, painting the walls, installing recessed storage spaces, and replacing your bathtub, toilet, and sink. He can also do bigger renovations if you have specific problems that need to be addressed.

A good bathroom renovations contractor in Victoria knows that they are not working alone but with other professionals and with you, the homeowner. Keeping open communication will make the project go smoothly, even when problems arise as they inevitably do. We recommend you keep Toolbox Renovations on the top of your list for your bathroom renovation.

Toolbox Renovations

Bathroom renovations Victoria BC
1118 McBriar Ave
Victoria, BC
V8X 3M6
Phone: 778-677-1036

Best Senior Care Homes In Victoria BC

What could be more important than caring for our loved ones, at every stage of their life? A point may come, though, when you feel that you cannot care for someone directly because you do not have the time or skills to provide the care that they really need. Finding the right senior care home for your loved one is a hard but important process.

Or maybe you are currently considering moving into a care home, whether by yourself or with your spouse. The decision is not any easier, as you know yourself better than anyone else and it can be difficult to give some of your independence away to strangers.

You will find a few good senior care homes in Victoria BC, and we would like to share with you which ones we think are the best. Before you make any decisions, make sure you feel comfortable with the staff who work at the home. Every elderly care home will have a different way of making decisions and doing everyday care, so you should find out what each home’s practices are. How is care completed, and how are meals prepared and served? What kind of leisure activities are available? The following elderly care homes provide 24-hour care for people with various levels of need.

Craigdarroch Care Home

Craigdarroch Care Home

Located right close to Craigdarroch Castle, Craigdarroch Care Home has 18 cozy suites for people who require Complex Care, Long Term and Immediate Care. They offer bachelors, 1 bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms, and are able to change the level of care for residents as their needs change. Food is prepared by chefs daily, and they provide an activities calendar every month to keep residents moving.

Craigdarroch Care Home

1048 Craigdarroch Rd

Victoria, BC

V8S 2A4


Clover Point Care

Clover Point Care

A heritage home located in the heart of Fairfield, this 14-suite senior care facility provides a great view of the ocean from Fairfield, and each room is uniquely decorated, perfect for if your loved one has an eye for design. The staff aim to create strong relationships with the residents to increase residents’ quality of life, including their sleep patterns and self-esteem.

Clover Point Care

90 Linden Ave

Victoria, BC

V8V 4C8


St Charles Manor

St Charles Manor

With 53 bachelor suites of various sizes in quaint Oak Bay, St Charles Manor is a luxurious setting for people who require Complex Care and Dementia Care. The staff at this home recognize the particular challenges that come with the most complex care needs, so each resident will have a nutrition assessment completed for them by a registered dietician. Residents are also encouraged to participate in food preparation in the dining room.

St Charles Manor

1006 St. Charles Street,

Victoria, BC V8S 3P6


Best Steak In Victoria BC

Many people love red meat. I am one of those people. That is why I was inspired by this Reddit post to mention the best steak in Victoria BC.

Victoria is a city that is definitely more known for it’s seafood restaurants. Which makes total sense given how close it is to the ocean. But where to go when you are looking for a good piece of meat? Not Argentina that’s for sure!


Keg Steakhouse Victoria BC

Now my first and top place to grab a steak is the Keg. The Keg has been pumping out consistent steaks that are always cooked to perfection.

Both locations in Downtown on Fort and in Saanich are fun while they offer a different atmosphere.

Keg Saanich
3940 Quadra St
Victoria, BC
V8X 1J6

Keg Fort Street
500 Fort St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1E5

Nautical Nellies

Nautical Nellies

I mentioned earlier in this post how well known Victoria is for their seafood restaurants. Nautical Nellies is one of those. But they also serve an awesome steak.

I hadn’t been here in a few years until this past winter. Although the prices seemed to be a little higher, the quality of food was as well. I had the New York Strip Loin and it was very, very good.

Nautical Nellies
1001 Wharf St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1T6

Brasserie L’ecole

Brasserie L'ecole

I have still yet to dine at Brasserie L’ecole but the Yelp reviews of their Steak are pretty damn good. Just one more place for you think about. That is if you can get in. I’ve heard their busy and don’t take reservations. If you want to try the steak at Brasserie, try and go early in the week.

Brasserie L’ecole
1715 Government St
Victoria, BC
V8W 1Z4,

So there you have three fantastic places to enjoy the best steaks in Victoria BC. No matter if you are a long time local or just visiting, I’m sure these restaurants won’t disappoint.